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Featured Couple; Michael & Irene Phillip

Michael Phillip and Irene Khakula met in the September of 2001 at Hudson County Community College where they shared two classes. They became friends and since then their friendship blossomed into something meaningful.
They started dating in 2004 and on August 8, 2009 tied the knot in a fairy tale wedding at Faith Fellowship Ministries, Sayreville NJ.
We met in college; we shared a class and I remember one day right before the start of class Michael asked me where I was from. I was wearing these earrings which looked like the map of Australia. Coincidentally, that same day the professor paired us up and we had to work on a project and make a presentation. We became very good friends from then on and our friendship blossomed into something more.

 Meant To Be….

The ‘One’ I Prayed For
Did I know the relationship would to marriage? No. Michael and I had been friends for a long time before we began dating, and I never thought that he was the one I would marry. However, I always prayed for God to lead me to the right person. All this time he was right under my nose.


I didn’t know he was the one right away. There were a lot of instances that may have led me to know that he was the one, but I did not grasp it right away. I just watched as God transformed Him to the man he is today.
My Hearts Desires

I always wanted a man who esteemed and had respect for God. I figured if he had loyalty and devotion to God, then he would definitely treat me with respect. I always wanted an introvert and reserved kind of guy, humble and polite. And God gave me all these things and more, in Michael.

God knows me so much that even now during marriage I see qualities in Michael that have been fashioned to suit my character. I don’t know if someone else would’ve been able to understand me the way he does.

Marital Bliss

The bride getting help from her bridesmaids on her big day

The bride and groom with their best man (Michael’s brother) and best maid (Irene’s sister) Little angels

The part I love most about marriage is knowing that I married my best friend and that he is the one I want to be with forever. I love it when I put a smile on the man that I love by catering to him. I am fulfilled when I am able to be a help to him in small and in big ways.

To Love And To Cherish

I’ve learned that you can make your marriage work by being selfless and having respect for your spouse. You have to treat him courteously and don’t take him for granted. It goes a long way when you refrain from using words that are hurtful to your spouse. Build him up, don’t break him down. It ceases to be only about you, now you are in a lifetime journey together.

You have to make time for each other. It sounds cheesy but in today’s world where everything is so fast paced, you need to set time for you and your loved one to reconnect on a daily basis. Don’t just assume everything is ok, ask him how his day was, go the extra mile to make sure he is okay.

For As Long As We Both Shall Live…

Marriage is a living thing, and what do you do to anything that is alive? You have to maintain it. Keep it alive. You can’t just neglect it. You have to feed it and make it grow. Invest in it. You will get out of it what you put into it.

What God Has Put Together..

Despite the negativity, fears, challenges out there for married people, we have God in our marriage. We know that we cannot make it on our own. The enemy is out to attack marriages and the best protection is being under the blood of Jesus at all times. We always depend on God to refresh us daily. We pray together, talk about things of God together, read the bible together. We let God be the center of our union. Ecclesiastes 4:12 which reads: “…A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” . We believe that God created marriage to be lived as a three-way covenant between God, husband and wife.

Loving past the honeymoon

The bride and groom sharing a moment

Michael and I have a very good relationship. We do almost everything together. We always bring that special (new) feeling by trying different things. We go out on a date every week. We try not to have a routine, but always spice things up, eat at different spots and basically have fun experiences together.

To the single woman: Don’t just settle due to pressures from society. God made you and He knows you, He knows what your weaknesses and strengths are. So trust Him and wait on Him. Don’t be afraid to describe to Him what you want. Be your best every day and stay positive instead of complaining. Matt. 6:33-34 “Seek Him first.”

To the newly wed: No marriage is the same. Don’t try to compare your spouse/marriage with someone else’s because it is never the same. You are unique and special. Focus on making your marriage the best that it can ever be instead of looking at others. Refrain from telling your problems/ issues to your girlfriends and comparing notes; marriage is between you, your mate and God. They are not married to your mate, you are. So work it out between you and your spouse instead of airing your laundry to people who may only make things worse.

The Phillips celebrated their one year anniversary last week. We at the Ladies Room celebrate their union and wish them God’s blessings in their life long journey.

The Ladies Room is looking to feature married couples or those engaged, we would love to hear your story. Email

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  1. They are such a beautiful couple! I have learnt alot from the interiview. God bless themMaryanne

  2. They're so lovely and her advice is the same I would give. Just be with the person you love and spice it up, don't compare.

  3. They are so blessed to have each other, it does take God to end up with the one whose meant for us. I totally digg the advice, its so real and personal to anyone who wants to take that step..great read!May God richly bless their union!

  4. Irene, really appreciate this love story and have learnt alot about being a woman of integrity. It takes God to make you be one. Thanks for sharing, am sure that as its been a blessing to, it's gonna be a blessing to many women out there. Thanks for sharing and God bless your marriage abundatly. In our prayers.

  5. Great Story..God Bless their union.

  6. I like the advice offered to both singles and married. don't discuss your relationship details with friends, tell God instead… Nice story and God bless their union.

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