Celebrating Women of African Descent

Inspiration: Pretty Poet

Having enjoyed creative writing from a young age, Jacqueline Kibacha discovered a talent for performing the written word whilst at school and so studied to gain awards in speech and poetry presentation as well as gracing the stage in plays and musicals.

She spent much of her university life involved with music, through organizing gigs and events, being a lead vocalist in a band and joining various choirs. It was whilst preparing for her final year Art Show and recording with DJs that she began to experiment with sounds and words in the form of poetry. Drawing on her experiences and observations of growing up in 3 continents and exploring the dynamics of relationships, with self and others she began to put together a collection of works – both poetry and prose. The name PRETTY POET was given to her in 2005 and a new dimension to her poetry was born.


Poetry and music are a big part of who she is and she is looking forward to sharing her first album which she is currently working on with her French producer Dominique Lepine. This year she was also successful in getting a place on a national MP Shadowing Scheme run by Operation Black Vote. As part of this scheme she has been shadowing a Member of Parliament and learning about the role of a politician.

Being a communicator with a love for helping people and experience in policy, she has found this experience to be enlightening. It has inspired her not necessarily to become a politician, but to work hard so that one day she might be a voice able to represent women and young people. Although Jacqueline was born in Tanzania, she did not grow up there, but her love for the country and the continent of Africa is something she wants to channel into looking for ways to use her artistic inclinations to promote where she comes from and find creative ways to make her contribution to society.

What inspires her to write

“I am inspired by relationships and interactions between people. I like to write in plain language and in a very conversational manner. I write to get messages across and it’s important to me that my listeners get it when they hear it. Some of my poetry has underlying themes and messages but usually that’s part of me challenging myself in my writing. For the most part, you can play one of my poems and get it straight away. I don’t write to challenge my listeners intellectually… I write so that my listeners can hear something that they can relate to and where necessary, be challenged emotionally if that makes sense…. words that go direct to heart before they get a chance to get confused up there (in the mind).”

Here is one of her poems ‘In Place’ ( featured in current issue of African Magazine FAB)

Not a hair in place,
She stands with grace that can only have been inherited.
An opulence unmerited to curls and irons
The pride of beauty the lioness
Having done all to remain, remains without a mane.
The only frame is the incandescent glow that grows
As she begins to know where her power lies,
As she begins to see with open eyes
The majesty undisguised by pomp and furor.
The gentle boldness undisturbed
A generational blessing to her.

A natural undisguised glory
Now undisclosed before a jury.
But judge me not by what you see I stand proud in place.
And when I move, I move in ecstasy that carries me in freedom.
Letting go of expectation
Closing out external motivation
Embracing an elevated self awareness, a self acceptance
Exceptionally strong and still holding on
To the silent fortitude, the essence of who I am,
Of who I was made to be. Me. 

Find Jacqueline Kibacha on
Website: http://www.prettypoet.co.uk
Blog: www.itsprettypoet.blogspot.com
Facebook: PrettyPoet

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