Celebrating Women of African Descent

January 2011 Issue

Dear Readers,
Happy New Year!Yes, I know I’m a little late on the wishes just like  the way I’m late with our new January Issue but it’s finally here. New year, new layout, new name, basically, new things. Its all about the new new! 
For all those who knew this blog as The Ladies Room, I now introduce you to AfroElle; a blog for women of afro-descent from all over the world.

What does AfroElle stand for?
Afro in this context represents the afro-descent
Elle is a French word and it translates to ‘She’ in English.
Therefore we have ‘AfroElle’

There is so much in store for our readers this year, from more diverse interactive discussions, new features and interviews to giveaways. We hope to make AfroElle your online destination for all you need, whether you want relationship advice, the latest in fashion, tips for you money matters or inspiration to nourish your mind, body and soul. So stay tuned. 

That aside, in AfroElle’s premier issue, we have special features with on stage personality and writer Miss Liberia, Nyikita Garnett who also graces our January cover, phenomenal woman Mameisia Kabia and Wawi Amasha of Mami Afrika Designs. Apart from our other signature features such as Featured Cause, Featured Couple, Reviews, Inspiration and Singular, look out for newly added features like Marriage 101 with our debut article being ‘Marriage Enhancements for 2011′ and Fashion and Style with Fashion Inspiration, Sharon Wanjiku. Other new features include Mind, Body and Spirit with the article “One Step At a Time”; giving you tips on how to prepare your resolutions if you haven’t already and Elizabeth Karina giving us tips on how to your own financial CEO in Finances.
This and so much more is available in this issue. Take time to click through the virtual pages of AfroElle. Let us know what you think of our new online look.  Join our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We appreciate your comments, topic suggestions, article contribution and feedback.

Enjoy our January issue!

In This Issue:

Featured Cause: Ivorian Hope ‘Call For Action’
Phenomenal Woman: Mameisia Kabia
Featured Couple: Eugene and Melvina
Sisterpreneur: Wawi Amasha of Mami Afrika Designs
Beauty With Purpose: Nykita Garnett
Marriage 101: Marriage Enhancements For 2011
Fashion Inspiration: Fashionista Sharon Wanjiku
Finances: Making Financial Goals
Mind,Body&Soul: What Does Attitude Have To Do With It
One Step At A Time
Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese
Inspiration: Dear Heart
Singular: “I Wanted To Meet Him in 2010″

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