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Editors Note

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

It seems that with every new month, I’m personally faced with the desire to ‘move on up’; forward, to progress in all aspects. This means continually setting new goals and striving to achieve them. Where am I getting with this, you ask, well, each month I look forward to making this magazine something greater. It’s slowly taking form, we might not be ‘movin on up to a New York deluxe apartment on the East side’ like George and Weezy, but I have played with the thought of seeing AfroElle in greater places.

Mangoes and Lemon

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Mangoes and Lemonade is a website that is dedicated to sharing information and resources that can help people of Haiti, while serving as a reference place for those who are interested in getting involved with relief of sorts. My vision is to continue building the site and allow it to grow into a more effective tool over time.

Cover Story:A Jill of All Trades

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

A phenomenal woman to me is one that has a great purpose; she is passionate, compassionate, humble, caring and giving. She exudes a beauty that reflects great values, wisdom and strength. She is one that will use her influence to bring about positive change. She is a servant.

Featured Couple:Jonathon and Amy Mauritz

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Amy Ohen and Jonathon Mauritz met at a coffee shop. When asked what her first impression of Jonathon was, Amy says she thought Jonathon was a college frat boy. “I was surprised that he was flirting with me because I was minding my own business studying in my comfy sweatpants and t-shirt. I was definitely not looking my finest.

In The Kitchen With Yolis Green Living

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

I started eating plant-based diet in 2001. At the time, I wanted to impress a guy I was dating with my culinary skills and converting foods I loved to eat into vegan meals, it soon became second nature to me. Over a few months, I noticed some significant changes just from choosing differently in what I consumed. Lost a lot of weight, had fewer allergies, and my cramps disappeared. I acknowledged that my results were payoff of eliminating dairy from my diet.

Sisterpreneurs;Emily and Irene Wasonga

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Love’s Hangover is the name of a boutique jewelry store in Noblesville, IN co-owned by two sisters; Emily and Irene Wasonga. Born and raised in Kenya and living partly in Botswana; the two are now making their dreams come true with their jewelry business that started out as hobby in their teenage years.

Fashionista;Christine Neptune

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

I try to master the "boyfriend look". Baggy shirts, sweatshirts, men's button up's and such. I might not have a boyfriend but taking my brother's clothes work just as well. I like the mystery it brings behind it, people wonder and question me if I'm a tomboy.

Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese

Posted by AfroElle On 2:00 AM

As much as change is inevitable, we deal with it in so many different ways, sometimes afraid; we want to stick our heads in the sand or just get stuck. When I first heard of the title I thought hmmmm…cheese, change, change, cheese, how do they relate? But Dr. Spenser Johnson did coin the lesson in the story very well. 

Towards the end of last year, my mother suggested I buy this book.  She had given it such a positive review I thought it would be a good new year’s read. It took less than an hour to read the 94 page book but I took away valuable life changing lessons on how to deal with change.

He starts the story with a discussion among a group of high school friends getting together before their reunion. They discuss how their lives have changed since school and how things turned out differently from what they expected. Michael relates a tale presented as a parable he heard many years back that helped him deal with change positively.  

The main part of the book is a parable is set in a maze with four characters; two mice, Sniff & Scurry and two other little people the size of mice; Hem and Haw. The characters look for cheese in a maze (in our case where we spend our energies). In the everyday life cheese is a metaphor that represents what we want in life, in a relationship, in your business and in the course of our lives, the cheese may be moved or taken away from us, it might be a job or a relationship. Will you accept the moved cheese, or will you stay in denial, afraid of change?

In the parable, the characters are faced with unexpected change.  Sniff is the one who sniffs change early while Scurry acts immediately. Realizing that their cheese had been moved from its original place, Sniff and Scurry moved away, followed the maze, found new cheese and settled there. When it comes to the little people Hem is one to deny change, he doesn’t realize his cheese has been moved so he goes around sulking. Haw learns quickly to adapt to change knowing that it will lead to something good.

Lessons Learned from the Handwriting on the Wall

  •     Change is inevitable; the cheese will always be moved. When it happens we have to accept it.
  •     We have to anticipate change; we have to get ready for the cheese to move. 
  •     Monitor change; we have to smell the cheese often to know when it’s getting old.
  •     Adapt to change quickly; the quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese.
  •     Change; move with the cheese depending on what your goals are.
  •     Enjoy change.
  •     Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again because they keep moving the cheese.
This is a great read especially with the New Year. Read the book and find out if your cheese has been moved and what you can do to find new cheese.


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