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Editors Note

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

It seems that with every new month, I’m personally faced with the desire to ‘move on up’; forward, to progress in all aspects. This means continually setting new goals and striving to achieve them. Where am I getting with this, you ask, well, each month I look forward to making this magazine something greater. It’s slowly taking form, we might not be ‘movin on up to a New York deluxe apartment on the East side’ like George and Weezy, but I have played with the thought of seeing AfroElle in greater places.

Mangoes and Lemon

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Mangoes and Lemonade is a website that is dedicated to sharing information and resources that can help people of Haiti, while serving as a reference place for those who are interested in getting involved with relief of sorts. My vision is to continue building the site and allow it to grow into a more effective tool over time.

Cover Story:A Jill of All Trades

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

A phenomenal woman to me is one that has a great purpose; she is passionate, compassionate, humble, caring and giving. She exudes a beauty that reflects great values, wisdom and strength. She is one that will use her influence to bring about positive change. She is a servant.

Featured Couple:Jonathon and Amy Mauritz

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Amy Ohen and Jonathon Mauritz met at a coffee shop. When asked what her first impression of Jonathon was, Amy says she thought Jonathon was a college frat boy. “I was surprised that he was flirting with me because I was minding my own business studying in my comfy sweatpants and t-shirt. I was definitely not looking my finest.

In The Kitchen With Yolis Green Living

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

I started eating plant-based diet in 2001. At the time, I wanted to impress a guy I was dating with my culinary skills and converting foods I loved to eat into vegan meals, it soon became second nature to me. Over a few months, I noticed some significant changes just from choosing differently in what I consumed. Lost a lot of weight, had fewer allergies, and my cramps disappeared. I acknowledged that my results were payoff of eliminating dairy from my diet.

Sisterpreneurs;Emily and Irene Wasonga

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

Love’s Hangover is the name of a boutique jewelry store in Noblesville, IN co-owned by two sisters; Emily and Irene Wasonga. Born and raised in Kenya and living partly in Botswana; the two are now making their dreams come true with their jewelry business that started out as hobby in their teenage years.

Fashionista;Christine Neptune

Posted by Editor On Mar - 14 - 2011

I try to master the "boyfriend look". Baggy shirts, sweatshirts, men's button up's and such. I might not have a boyfriend but taking my brother's clothes work just as well. I like the mystery it brings behind it, people wonder and question me if I'm a tomboy.

One Step At A Time

Posted by AfroElle On 1:55 AM

It is that time of the year again when we pull out our pens and diaries and write down our goals and thing we plan to achieve in the year ahead. I wonder what you have written down this time. Would you like to share? Lose 10kg? Learn to drive? Make new friends? Take the certification exams? Smile more?

It is interesting how easy it is for us to sit down and write these things even though we know deep down (maybe not too deep) that they will not last the first 3 months of the New Year. I have written down mine for the New Year only that this time they are different from how they have always been. You might wonder how.

I've always been one dedicated to writing New Year resolutions and planning new things I want to start doing and old habits I want to drop. But I realized that the fact that I had them written down was next to no guarantee that I’d be able to pull them through. It just seemed like along the line, other maybe they stopped being as important as they used to be (how come?)

Allow me to share with you the BEST as you prepare your own resolutions:

  1. Break it – Let the goal be as long as it is short. Break it down into things you should be doing monthly and daily and even hourly. It makes it easier to achieve. e.g. 100pounds weight loss seems huge but when broken down into 10pounds a month, it is easier to achieve.
  2. Evaluate it – Regularly evaluate to know what you are doing right and what needs to be improved upon. Schedule a time when you do this (monthly or quarterly etc). You might need to re-strategize at some point too
  3. Shout it – Let everyone around know what your goal is. It keeps you accountable when you’re constantly reminded of what you should be doing. If you have a friend that has a similar goal, work together with the person and motivate each other (two is definitely better than one!)
  4. Track it – Keep a journal or a dairy. Some place where you write down what your aim is and what you have actually achieved over a period
Finally, REWARD yourself with each major milestone accomplished (however, do not indulge in that which you’re aiming to quit. Don’t stuff yourself with food when you’re trying to lose weight)
Remember that there will be times when it would seem like you are not making any progress at all or have relapsed into an old habit. Don’t beat yourself over it. Instead, use it as an opportunity to learn, analyze the issues surrounding the relapse and note it in the journal. It would help to talk to someone about it.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent van Gogh

Welcome to 2011!!

Ogochukwu Okonji is a young lady who loves to inspire and motivate people. She does not see herself as a writer but loves to write.
She is driven by a desire to see positive changes in the life of everyone she meets either with her spoken words or written words. Ogochukwu loves babies and is constantly fascinated by new-borns. She draws inspiration from everything she sees, hears, feels and experieinces. Her writings can be found at HeartSpeak .

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