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Sisterpreneurs: Dpiper Twins

Meet Ghanaian twin models and fashion designers, Danielle and Chantell Dwomoh-Dpiper, popularly know as the Dpiper Twins and the creative sisterpreneurs behind the Treasure Chest jewelry line and Kastle Designs clothing line. Born in New York to a Caribbean mother and a Ghanaian father, the 23 year olds are taking the fashion industry by storm and AfroElle had a chance to talk to them about their business and how it has been so far. 
AfroE: Where did your fashion journey begin and how has it been since.

Twins: Our fashion lines Treasure Chest jewelry and Kastle Designs were launched February 2010.  Prior to launching our lines, we attended Fashion Industries highschool and the Fashion Institute of Technology. We were inspired by our mom and great aunt lucy. They were always sassy and classy .Since launching our lines, we have accomplish so much and its only the beginning. Celebrities such as ANTM Naima mora, Bianca Golden , RoseMarie have been spotted in our fashions. Our works has also appeared in Japan Vogue, which is an honor and huge accomplishment.

AfroE:Despite being twins do you have individual signature styles or fashion preferences?

Twins: We do not have individual styles, but our ideas and fashion preferences compliment each other. We are a great team. Like the saying goes, two is always better than one.

AfroE: Where do you get inspiration for your designs and do you incorporate your African Roots in your designs?

Twins: We live in the big apple with a west Indian and west African background, so we embrace our nature, music, our ethical backgrounds and incorporate them in our designs.

AfroE: What was the inspiration behind the name’s Kastle designs and Treasure chest?
Twins: These inspiration behind the meaning of Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest Jewelry is we want everyone who wears our designs to feel like royalty. Words that express the meaning and image behind our brands are beauty, elegance, confidence, and empowerment.

Treasure Chest

AfroE: At such a young age, how did you manage to break into the fashion industry and stay on top of your game?
Twins: Its all about determination and drive.  When you work hard you get to play hard. We have been sketching designs before we even knew that was a career we wanted to be in. Its in our blood. We come from a talented family, where everyone either, sews, knits, crochets and/or draw, so we were blessed to have those traits and build our career from them.

ANTM winner Naima Mora wearing Treasure Chest Jewelry and Kastle Designs collection 
AfroE: Have you faced any challenges in the industry?
Twins: We are reaching our 1 year of having a own businesses, and are proud to have so many supporters who have been there for us and watched us grow.

AfroE: Which fashion designers do you look up to?
Twins: We admire and respect Chanel, Christian LaCrouix , Yves  Saint Laurent, Valentino, David Yurman, and  Oscar De La Renta. Their journey to and in the world of fashion is amazing and extraordinary.
Kastle Designs
AfroE: What advice can you give other women aspiring to do what you are doing?
Twins: If you love it Go for IT.  We need to have more entrepreneur women taking control and running their own business.

AfroE: What lessons have you learnt from starting your own businesses?
Twins: You are your own boss, so you must plan, because like they saying goes, “If you don’t plan , you plan to fail”. You must set goals and use those plans to reach those goals. You will have obstacles but you must stay focus on your prize to accomplish your goal.

AfroE: 5 years from now, where do you want to be in regards to your fashion career?
Twins: In 5 years Treasure Chest Jewelry and Kastle Designs will be in boutiques and major department stores. We also look forward to the grand opening of our own boutiques, where fashionable adults can enter our magical, and lavish world of fashion. We have big dreams for ourselves and set no limitation .

You can check out their shop, read their blog , follow them on Twitter or ‘like’ their page on Facebook.  
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