Celebrating Women of African Descent

February 2011 Issue

Dear Readers,

February is a special month, apart from the red roses, boxes of chocolate, great deals and the romance, it’s also the month we celebrate the history and contributions of African American men and women to society in the name of Black History Month.

We have put together the February ‘Spread The Love’ Issue with you, the reader, in mind. We have in store for you inspirational interviews, profiles, great tips and new features. Gracing the cover of AfroElle this month is Ugandan beauty Atim Birungi-p’Oyat. She is a sensational model and actress with an amazing heart. She opens up to AfroElle about her life, faith and profession in our cover story ‘Trusting Your Identity’.

In the spirit of love we feature The L.O.V.E Movement a network on a mission to empower women by meeting them where they are. We don’t stop there; we have a host of other interesting stories from an interview with Ghanaian designers and sisterpreneurs; the Dpiper Twins as they talk about their Jewelry and Clothing line to a profile of phenomenal woman, Diana Gaitirira, an actress, plus size model and a full time Certified Sign Language Interpreter.

Other great pieces in this issue include articles on several topics such as Marriage, Fashion, Singular, Finances, Relationships and Mind, body & Soul. In my quest to make AfroElle a blog magazine covering all aspects of our lives, we have introduced two new features; we have Motherhood with guest writer Shiko talking about her escapades as a mother and Lifestyle where Amani takes us back home with quick and easy tips on How to Create An African Inspired Space.

I hope you enjoy this issue of AfroElle. Once again, I thank you for taking the time to read and recommend this blog magazine to your friends. We appreciate your comments and feedback. You can join our online community on Facebook and Twitter and feel free to email your suggestions, questions and feedback to 

Remember to take the time to Spread the Love, not just to your significant other but to everyone around you.

In This Issue:
Featured Cause: The L.O.V.E Movement Network
Cover Story: Trust Your Identity
Featured Couple: Afam and Chichi
Phenomenal Woman: Diana Gaitirira
Sisterpreneur: Dpiper Twins
Fashion Inspiration: Malaika Pearl
RelationshipsMaking The Most of Your Long Distance Relationship
Marriage 101: I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me
Motherhood: It’s Baby Poop
Singular: What’s Your Order
Lifestyle: Quick and Easy Tips on How To Create An African Inspired Space
Mind,Body&Soul: Of Strong Women and Desert Plants
Finances: Valentine’s Day Blues
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