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Posted by Editor On JULY - 18 - 2011

Time flies, can you believe we are already past the half year mark? Just the other day we welcomed the New Year with long lists of resolutions. Well, the year doesn’t feel so new anymore, it’s that time of the year when energy levels sink, we get sucked into the routine of life and many times become complacent. All these are symptoms of Mid Year blues.


Posted by Editor On JULY- 18 - 2011

Growing up, I was a ‘someday girl’. I had dreams of someday publishing a book, someday working for a newspaper, someday being an editor, someday. Until one day many years later I woke up to the realization that someday was today; the only assurance we have, not 2 years from now or tomorrow but today.


Posted by Editor On JULY - 18 - 2011

For some April habitually brings in to mind Spring; sunshine, blooming flowers, the green of trees and sliding into flip flops. For me, April is just April because luckily where I live the beauty of ‘Spring’ and getting high on Vitamin D is something I experience every day.


Posted by Editor On JULY - 18 - 2011

As I kid, one of my all time favorite TV shows was 'The Jefferson’s'. As I write this, the theme song is playing in my head. “Well we’re movin’ on up, to the east side, moving on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Moving on up, to the east side, moving on up,we finally got a piece of the pie.


Posted by Editor On JULY - 18 - 2011

February is a special month, apart from the red roses, boxes of chocolate, great deals and the romance, it’s also the month we celebrate the history and contributions of African American men and women to society in the name of Black History Month.


Posted by Editor On JULY - 18- 2011

Happy New Year!Yes, I know I'm a little late on the wishes just like the way I'm late with our new January Issue but it's finally here. New year, new layout, new name, basically, new things. Its all about the new new! For all those who knew this blog as The Ladies Room, I now introduce you to AfroElle; a blog for women of afro-descent from all over the world.


Posted by Editor On JULY - 18 - 2011

The year has literally flown by, I can't believe it's already December. To many, December is a month of in depth self evaluation and stock taking; taking that walk down memory lane to see if you accomplished the goals you set at the beginning of the year.It's also about looking at your present to see what has worked for you or what you need to eliminate before you head on to the new year.

Phenomenal Woman:

Posted by AfroElle On 3:40 AM
Diana Gaitirira is truly a well-rounded woman. From aspiring plus-size model, actress and voice over talent, she is proving that you can have it all. Graduating from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A in Deaf Studies, an A.S. in Sign Language Interpreting, along with being a full-time Certified Sign Language Interpreter, Diana’s educational studies have led her to travel as far as Kenya, Africa to interact with Deaf students and make a difference. 

"I was very impressed with the Deaf school in Kenya. Kenya is one of the few foreign countries that provide education for Deaf individuals. Karen Technical Training Institute of the Deaf is a residential school and it was very well kept." she says about her visit to the institute.

"Although the majority of the students are from Kenya , I met a few students from Uganda and Tanzania (due to the lack of proper respect and education for Deaf students) who study at KTTID during the school year and return home during the Holidays. Also Sign Language mirrors spoken language, in that each country has their own Signs. Kenya uses a mixture of American Sign Language (ASL) , Kiswahili Sign Language, and Sheng (Swahili slang) Sign Language."

Diana's fascination with the entertainment and fashion industry comes as no surprise. Coupling her professional career with pushing the envelope to being recognized in the ever-changing industry of fashion and entertainment, Diana landed a position as an interpreter for the Red Carpet Celebration of the Latinos in the Media Awards.  It was in her spare time that she perfected her craft, studying acting, runway modeling and voice-over training, which afforded her significant opportunities in all three arenas.  She has modeled in prestigious runway shows such as Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek) for innovative plus retailers to include Lane Bryant, Sonsi, Youtheary Khmer and Jill Alexander and played supporting roles in several indie films. Her voice-over talents have even been called upon by the CW Television network. 

Yiota Salpadimos of Enchanted Place Photography
Italia Williams

Diana has been featured in national and international magazine publications such as Haule Haule Magazine, Nu Woman Magazine, based in Bahamas; Haitienne Magazine, based in New York City; Rags 'N' Riches Magazine, based in Atlanta, along with Gorilla21 Magazine and Face On-Magazine, which are based in London. In 2010, Diana won the title as Ms. Tropical Diva 2010 at the Tropical Divas at Sea Fashion Show.  Currently, she is co-producing and co-starring in the SAG short film called "Not On Board,” alongside Grey’s Anatomy actress, Shenita Moore and James Douglas, lead singer of The James Douglas Show.  In February 2011 she will be a featured runway model at The Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas, NV.

Diana resides in Albuquerque, NM with her husband.


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  1. Tammy McIntyre Said,

    I look forward to getting AFROELLE. How do you select for Phenomenal Woman and Woman Making Moves features?

    Tammy L. McIntyre, M.Ed.
    Owner and Designer
    For My Sisters~Natural Skin and Hair Delights


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