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Fashion Inspiration: Tysha James

Meet fashion inspiration Tysha from Toronto, Canada. She is a wife, a mother of two and a hair stylist! Her fun consists of everything, “I love hanging out with the family, besties and my sisters! I’m always up for having a good time, and even better if it includes anything fashion!” she says.  
Read on to find out more about this stylish fashionista.

Describe your signature style?

Its funny when people ask me what’s my signature style because I like everything, I might be a little bit more on the trendy/chic side, but I wear what I like and what fits right! I more pay attention to things like details, texture and fit.

What’s different about your style?

I am forever changing my style, and maturing, it’s fresh and something new! I can do many styles casual, elegant, classy! I exude confidence and I think you can see that through my everyday style! 

How did you get interested in fashion?
I think fashion was always something that grabbed by interest! But I really started paying attention to fashion around my late teenage years! I became more interested in fashion magazines, and fashion blogs (which had a big impact on the way I started dressing), I started joining groups that was more fashion related! And since then it’s just something that stuck with me, Nothing makes me happier than some good ole retail therapy! It’s the only thing that puts me in a good mood! I always had a niche for putting pieces together and styling clothes.

Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

My fashion inspiration comes from anywhere, blogs, magazines, and color palettes, sometimes I’ll even see an outfit on TV and an outfit from a magazine and I would try to replicate the two into one outfit! I’m crazy like that, but I’m a risk taker I never dress to be safe! I like standing out! Fashion plays a big role in my career; I’m a hair dresser so I always have to keep things fresh and different! Even the way I wear my hair inspires me to dress different at times.

What’s your favourite accessory?

I was always into big cocktail rings, I still am but my new fave accessory is my My Micheal Kors watch! I wear it with almost every outfit! I am obsessed with over sized boyfriend looking watches! Another one of fave accessories are my sunglasses I don’t leave home without them! They can jazz up any outfit!

What’s your perfect everyday shoe?

Definitely Platform heels! A heel with a built in platform always works best, although I wear a lot of heels that are not so kind to my feet I always appreciate my platform heels because I can walk hours in them without having painful feet at the end of the day.

What fashion trend do you think is overrated?

SPIKES! SPIKES! SPIKES! As much as I’m a sucker for spikes or anything studded, It won’t be making my purchase list. I think this trend needs to die.

What do you consider as fashion no-no’s?

I don’t think I believe in fashion no no’s, A long time ago(according to the “fashion gods”) it was a HUGE no no to wear open toe shoes with tights, all of a sudden now it’s cool and fashionable! I strongly believe in sticking to your guns and not following fashion rules because what you wear reflects who you are! But I’ll tell you what does bother me kitten heels! I just don’t get it are they flats or are they heels? Anyways I don’t want to contradict myself because I recently wore one the other day only because it was a gift from a good friend, how can I say no? So I tried my hardest to incorporate it into one of my outfits but i still don’t like them.

What is the best way of looking sexy without going over board?
It’s simple HEELS! Pairing any outfit with heels automatically brings on the sexy! Pair some fierce heels with your favourite jeans, leggings, skirt or dress! Sexy without trying too hard!

What is your best fashion advice to every woman?

Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to dress like one! I think it is important to have some kind of balance in your life! When you dress up you feel good! I’m a mom too so I know what it’s like putting your kids first but every body’s budget is different and what I love most about fashion is there is always a cheaper version of the runway styles, every store has their own twist on trends or what you see in magazines! Forever21 is huge on trends and they are affordable but most importantly their clothes look good! Go ahead and splurge on that bag or shoe that you’ve always wanted it’s an investment that will be with you for a long time! Treat yourself it’s not something that you’ll do every day but it will make you feel good! Play with textures, patterns, and fit and most importantly wear what you like, and strut it with confidence!
Are you a fashionista? Are you fierce and fashion forward? Then we are looking to feature you. Email [email protected]
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  1. true about the heels bringing the sexy//i like her style and ideas

  2. I love her style! And yes, she exudes confidence and I can dig it…

  3. I love her fashion sense this girl has just got her game tight

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