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Phenomenal Woman: Alison Ryce

Meet Trini Beauty; Author, skin care consultant and Coach Alison Ryce was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad but grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and has been living in Atlanta, GA with her family for a few years now.

Alison who’s owned her own Mary Kay business for over 8 years and counting, received her Associates Degree in Business Management while living in Brooklyn and in June she will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration.
Equipped with answers to your skin care questions, Allison says she loves what she does! To find out more about this phenomenal Trini-Beauty, check out our Q and A with her.
What is a day in the life of Alison like?              
My day is very structured. I always start my day off with prayer and bible study. After I’m finished with that, I instantly check and reply to my messages via email, FaceBook, and Twitter. I sit down and plan out my tweets for the day then I get myself ready to write down my 6 most important things to do list. Thanks to this list, I get the opportunity to pace myself and I prevent myself from feeling overwhelmed. Those tasks often include article writing, website updating, video recording, video editing, shipping out my free gifts, meeting with clients, and processing customer’s orders.
What inspired you to pursue a career in skin care consulting?
I grew up with extremely bad skin and I had no idea how to fix it. Everyone around me gave suggestions of products that should work but I was still clueless. A stranger even walked up to me and suggested something that ended up burning me and leaving a scar on my face. I met a Mary Kay Consultant by the name of Margo Williams and she sat me down and taught me how to get rid of my acne. I initially wanted her to recommend makeup to cover my problem, but she showed me the importance of skin care. From that day, it was my desire to share that same love with everyone.  

Alison with Senator Valentia M.Seay 
Can you tell us more about Mary Kay?
Mary Kay is a company that understands the struggle that women go through on a daily basis. As women, we are often forced to choose between having a family and having a successful career. From this, Mary Kay’s philosophy is “God First, Family Second and Career Third”.  Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants can have time for our families and have our own businesses as well.  We constantly encourage each other and we train our sister consultants to reach success in their own respective businesses. We use our businesses as a platform to do good in our communities as well.

Why are you passionate about healthy skin care?
I am passionate about skin care because I know what it feels like to have makeup as a crutch.  I remember when I was afraid to go out in public without makeup on.  I didn’t feel beautiful without makeup and there are so many women out there that still feel this way. I want to help others realize their natural beauty. Through healthy skin care habits, makeup can be used to greatly enhance the beauty that’s already there.

Can you share your beauty regime?
I use my velocity cleanser, acne treatment set, Even Complexion Essence, and velocity moisturizer twice daily.  I give myself a Microdermabrasion facial treatment at least once a week, and I use my Even Complexion Mask every other day. I love taking great care of my skin because makeup only looks as good as the skin that’s underneath.

Do you believe that ‘less is more’ when it comes to make up?
I believe that moderation is the key to pulling off a great look every time. Too much makeup takes away from your natural beauty and it also makes others think that you have a lot to hide. Too much makeup is also a huge turnoff to a lot of men because in a way, it’s a sign of low self confidence. They want to know you, not what you’ve painted for them.

Can you share with us one secret beauty tip?
Tea Tree Oil is the fastest way to get rid of a pimple. As soon as you see something emerging out, apply a drop of Tea Tree Oil and it will prevent the pimple from maturing. It doesn’t prevent pimples though, so  I would recommend that you hold on to the Tea Tree Oil for emergencies and use the Acne Treatment Set at least twice daily.


What is your definition beauty?
I believe that beauty is when a woman is genuinely happy in her own skin. She finds what works for her instead of what everyone else is doing. Beauty can be found in a kind word, a loving gesture, and great deed. Beauty is more than just looking your best; it’s in how you treat yourself and others.

Do you think that looking good is important for a woman’s confidence and self worth?
I definitely believe that is true. Scientists have said that 90% of our actions are based on our subconscious thoughts. When a woman feels good about herself, she’ll show it in everything she does. It doesn’t matter what society thinks of her, she’ll go after her dreams and embrace life. My job is fun, but it has a deeper importance than just teaching women how to apply makeup.

Alison with Crayton Webb, Director of Corporate Social responsibility & Corporate Communications, Mary Kay Inc. Anne Crews, Vice President of Government Relations, Mary Kay Inc.
What do you consider your greatest achievement so far in your life and career wise?
I’ve won prizes from Mary Kay but my greatest achievement was meeting the Governor, two Senators, and a House Rep last March. I was given the opportunity through Mary Kay Inc to speak to my government in regards to domestic violence funding in my current state. The state of Georgia is number 10 in the United States in regards to women killed by their men.  Every woman deserves to be loved and treated fairly and I was honored to be trusted with such a great responsibility.  

To get great skin care and cosmetics tips connect with Alison through her website, Twitter or Facebook page     
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  1. OMG Alison, I am so proud of you…..Keep up the great work..

  2. I love this, Alison Ryce is an inspiration and truly a phenomenal woman!

  3. I'm so proud of my bff! Ladies she is wonderful and loves to give advice on what to do and not to do with your skin.

  4. im proud to know you Ali with God first you can never go round keep up the good works and keep reaching for the stars. Hope to see you in person soon. blessings


  6. As one who I held as a baby I am very of you Alison may God grant you success in your endeavors.

  7. You truly are an inspiration. Keep on learning and encouraging others and also fight for the cause of women and in God's own time your hard work and dreams would become reality to women all over the world. Men will also benefit from your cause. Love you!

  8. Alison from marabella to this, my dear am so happy for you, and to think that you are one of my cousins, and we have never seen each other.lol love God and he will bless you.

  9. Keep up with your goals in life and what makes you happy. I love that you are also helping women with domestic violence. I still remember when we used to help one another in fifth grade, :)

  10. Alison, I am truly proud of you & I believe that God is truly blessing you and He will continue to open up doors for you as you continue to advance in your career and be a strong influence and testimony to those who thought all hope was lost in overcoming acne. Keep up the great work.Love, Elana

  11. Alison I'm so happy for you. I think the key to your success is the relationship you build with others and your determination. Great job!!!

  12. omg alison i'm so proud of you.now i can i have a celebrity in the family….yayyyy. lol. love u cuz. may god's love continue to shine all through you.

  13. Alison good job! You are now a celebrity. Go girl!!!!!I am very happy that you are soon to be a 2011 graduate. Continue to make great strides it will pay off.


  15. Alison. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with others.

  16. I am really proud of you my friend. Not only because of this interview but because of who you are and whose you are. Keep up the good work. You are a phenomenal woman but more so you are a truly blessed woman. Love always

  17. OMG Alison how much you have grown, i thank God for you i am especially glad to know that you remembered what I told you when I first met you and showed you how beautiful you are without makeup (concealer)and with a little help from a properly used skin care regiment (Mary Kay cosmetics) it's good to know that you are still sharing the good news with others. Be Blessed for you are a phenominal woman. Iam very proud of you LOL.

  18. I am so proud of you Alison, you are doing a fantsatic job….keep up the good work.So proud to be your friend,and to have u as my beauty consultant..

  19. That's a real Diva at work. You make me wanna go and do all I can to better myself and make my company grow. Thank you for the uplift and keep bringing beauty and knowlegde to the masses. Love you Alison

  20. Alison, congratulations – loved article! so glad you are my friend and consultant. thank you so much for helping me with my skin issues. you are an inspiration! edie c.

  21. Congratulations Allie, this is great. You have been a blessing to me from across the seas and I hope to meet you one day. God Bless you… xoxo

  22. This is awesome Allie… Congratulations!!! May you continue to be an inspiration and a blessing…:-) (even from across the seas)lols. Next stop: Vogue… ;-) Peris, Kenya.

  23. Alison, congratulations to being featured in AFROELLE! You are PHENOMINAL! And you are a positive representation of what it is to be a,BEAUTIFUL, SUCCESSFUL, BLACK, PROFESSIONAL WOMAN on the rise! You are part of what makes me PROUD to be a BLACK WOMAN! CONGRATS to you again Alison1 Do your thing! WOOT WOOT!

  24. She definitely is a inspirational woman! She does so many great things for others and has such a pure heart! There should be more people in this world like her!

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