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Business Spotlight: Knots and Locs

Knots & Locs is a new apparel line for women of color and a creation of 24 year old Leah Hawkins; graphic designer and entrepreneur from Campbell, Ohio. The idea to start the line snowballed from one statement ‘Nappy Hair Runs In My Family’.
Originally, Leah’s was just making the shirt for herself because she thought it was cute and funny. Gradually more ideas came and grew to what it is today.
Knots and Locs represents and praise the beauty of natural hair. Leah’s goal is to present everyone with fresh ideas and great designs. The shirts are creative, edgy, and versatile enough to be worn by any women.
“Knots & Locs is fairly new but I’m very happy with the success and exposure I’ve gained thus far.” says Leah.
Check out Knots and Locs via
Leah’s personal website
Twitter - @knotsandlocs
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  1. I love this feature! I've purchased the blk/wht knots & locs tshirt from this company and I really really loveee it-super cute and comfortable

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