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Myne Whitman Making Moves

Nigerian blogger and author, Nkem Akinsoto is greatly known in the blogsphere by her pen name Myne Whitman. The full time writer and blogger has a Masters degree in Public Health Research but decided to follow her childhood dreams of writing popular fiction to get people writing. Myne is also the founder and managing editor of NaijaStories.com a critique site for aspiring Nigerian writers.
What does your work entail?
I write mostly relationship articles and have published two romance novels. My blog -mynewhitmanwrites.com is a constant work in progress. I share first draft excerpts of any current manuscript, short stories, as well as being part of the blogging community. My articles have also been published by lifestyle magazines, both online and in print.
Are you living YOUR dream?
This is usually a hard question to answer but I can honestly say yes now. In 2008 I fell in love for the first time in my life and got married to my husband soon after. Also, as a child I dreamed of being an author and it is a dream come true to have not just one book but two in print within a couple of years on pursuing a writing career. I am working on more stories and hope to have another book out soon.
What’s your definition of success and how has your journey been like to where you are now?
My definition of success is being able to make a business of what you love doing and being happy doing it. It is equally important that you can touch other lives and positively affect the dreams of those coming after you. One thing I have learned in the time since my first book is that, it is essential to be able to balance work and life, and keep your feet on the ground even after success comes.
Any words of advice or role models that have inspired you or changed your life?
I have been inspired by women writers, who are also wives, mothers and successful business women. My advice is to set achievable time-bound goals, to be consistent and to keep your eye on the ball.
What advice would you give women so that they can go out of their comfort zones and start making moves in their lives and society?
I would like to encourage them not to be limited by what people say, or what they think that society wants or expects from them. We women need to make our own choices, and not be afraid of hard work.
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  1. I'm a fan of Myne's works and books. She is going places, that I'm very sure of.

  2. Me too. I love Myne. She's really good.zainabSULE.

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