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One on One with Blu 3′s Lillian Mbabazi

Lillian Mbabazi came into the limelight in 2004 when she emerged one of the winners of the Coca Cola Pop Stars competition. The lead singer of Blu 3 started singing back in Rwanda during her Senior 6 vacation and she went on to perform with a band at Hotel MilleColline and Mango. Last year, the members of Blu 3 went on leave to pursue solo projects, Lillian, a Rwandese by nationality and Ugandan by birth, became a mother to a lovely baby boy and has released her first single ‘Vitamin’. I got in touch with her manager for an interview with Lillian to tell us more about her new title as mother and how she is juggling it with her career.
AfroElle: How do you find working in Uganda compared to Rwanda?
Lillian Mbabazi: I’ve never really worked in Rwanda so it’s difficult for me to compare the two. I used to perform with a band at hotel in Kigali but it never felt like work because singing is what I love doing. I hope I get the chance to perform again more regularly in Kigali but for now Kampala is my base.
AE: How is the motherhood experience so far?
Motherhood is fantastic. It’s challenging and overwhelming too but I love every minute of it. My son is truly my little angel and I just can’t imagine my life without him.
AE:Being a new mother, how do you balance your music career and the baby?
Finding a balance is not easy but so far I have managed to make it work. I have not had to be away from my son for more than 24 hours yet. He is my number one priority so I will never allow my music career to interfere with his well being.
AE: Do you plan on raising your son as Rwandese and if so, how will you impart your Rwandese heritage to him?
Of course it’s inevitable that I will impart my Rwandese heritage to my son. I want him to be proud of his heritage. That doesn’t mean that Ugandan heritage is not a part of him too after all he was born in Uganda. But right now the most important thing for me as a mother is that my son grows up happy, healthy and well adjusted.
AE: Do you intend to start making music for the Rwandan community?
Definitely. I have already recorded a song with Rwandese artist Kitoko called ‘Niwowe gusa’. But I also hope that my Rwandese fans will appreciate my music even if I’m not singing in Kinyarwanda.
AE: Will Blu3 ever work together again or they have all taken up solo careers?
Yes we definitely will work together again in the future. Right now we’re giving ourselves the chance to work on our solo projects and explore that side of our artistic careers.
AE:What should your fans expect from you this year in regards to your music?
They should expect a more mature and soulful sound from me as far as my music is concerned. I’m not afraid of trying out new sounds so definitely they should expect a more eclectic mix of musical styles from me. I think my first single ‘Kawa’ clearly represents that. I’m also looking to work and collaborate with other amazing East African artists and producers this year. I’m very grateful to all the love and support my fans have shown me so far. All the words of encouragement mean a lot to me. I definitely think I have some of the best fans in East Africa.
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