Celebrating Women of African Descent

Q & A with Shailaun; 1st Face of Simply AfroSheek

Shailaun Maninng who describes herself as poised, pleasant and ingenious is the 1st Face of AfroSheek, a competition that was for the first time held last year. The multi-talented Shay, as most people call her, sings and dances as a hobby but she is a professional model and actress.
Being impersonalble as a majoy key to success is one of the valuable lessons she has learned as a model.
“Your peers, your associates, your clients, and your audience all must find you pleasant and have a desire to have you around. Of course your talent and skills play a role in your possibilities of being booked, but ultimately, you are being booked because they would love to be your friend.”
Shailaun, who would like to be remembered by the world for her continuous courage and determination to achieve her innermost dreams and goals, hopes to become an international model, actress, and a household name starring in films and commercials all over the world. “ I see myself getting Grammy awards for best female actress and married to the man of my dreams , yes, I said married, and we’re exploring the world.” She adds.
What is Face of Simply Afrosheek all about and how was the experience like for you?
I believe the Face of Simply Afrosheek contest is about being inspired, being elegant, and unleashing the queen in you. Beautiful women of African descent are being judged on their personalities and their abilities to inspire an international audience.
When I became the Face of Simply Afrosheek, I knew right then and there that my life was under transformation. This contest was the first one that I have competed in and won. Immediately becoming a spokes model and 2011 summer edition cover girl of Equanimity Magazine was a thrill alone. Having the title has been uplifting and is surely a push on my professional resume.
How do you define success?
My definition of success is having your cake and eating it too. I’m kidding… well, not really. I get an idea, come up with a goal for it, work towards achieving the goal, and accomplish it. That is success.
Who is a woman of substance mean ?
A woman of substance is a woman of essence, a woman of soul. To me, a woman of substance means the world. She loves, she’s pleasant, and she utilizes power to believe in herself and survive for herself and uplift those whom she inspires and is inspired by. Wow! I really pulled that out of the deep and it’s true.
Any words of encouragement?
Everyone in the world was given a mind, but not everyone knows how to use it. Simply visualize where you want to be and what you want to do. If you can see it, you can believe it and if you can receive it, you will achieve it. Follow your dreams and never look back. Stay focused. That’s the reality in a nutshell.
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