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TolumiDE Making Moves

TolumiDE, pronounced toe-LU-me-day, is a Nigerian – Canadian Singer and Songwriter. Her name is a fusion of er first name Tolu and last name Olumide. TolumiDE who currently lives in Washington, DC was born in Toronto, Canada, she attended Primary and High School in Lagos, Nigeria and later studied Fine Art in the University in Toronto, Canada.
Tolu has been singing and entertaining since primary school and decided to pursue music as a 2nd career before she graduated from university with a BFA/Graphic Design degree and worked for a couple of years. Last year she received a Channel O (South Africa) Music Video Award Nomination for Most Gifted RnB and she was also a Covenant Awards (Canada) Nominee for Urban/R&B/Soul Gospel Album of the Year and an ArtScape SOUND-OFF Competition Winner for Stage Headliner in Baltimore, USA.
What does your work entail?
Constantly thinking about strategic ways to get my music to the masses. Still promoting ‘My Love’ music video on youtube and the debut full-length album available for purchase online Getting ready to shoot another video and also getting my band together for a Campus and Youth Event tour and upcoming bookings via my management team at tolumidemusic.com
Are you living YOUR dream?
Yes, being an Artist, Singer, Songwriter impacting & inspiring through art and music is awesome. My genre is unique fusion of RnB/Soul, Gospel & Afro-pop and I’m glad to be part of the new generation of Urban African Music and Entertainment.
Whats your definition of success and how has your journey been like to where you are now?
For me success is an extreme boost of happiness and fulfillment I feel when I’m able to accomplish a goal I set for myself. I get an extra boost when others are inspired as well and reviews are complimentary. The journey has certainly not been easy, requiring loads of hard work and money. I’m really grateful for God’s gift of the talent to write and sing and the guidance He’s given through the various challenges that have come to make me a stronger and better person. I’ve been blessed with an awesome family and network of people to work with as well. I’m so honored and grateful for the recognition I’ve received so far.
Any words of advice or role models that have inspired you or changed your life?
Set goals, no goal is too small or too large to achieve. Work hard, read a lot about the industry, ask loads of questions, take classes if you need to (knowledge is Power). Save money or seek help from people who believe in you. Always strive to put out quality and think about elements that make you unique.
My role models are people in my community that live trying to help and encourage others one way or another. Some artists that I listen to and inspire me with their voice and lyrics are Onyeka Owenu, Steve Wonder, Mary Mary, Anita Baker, Ledisi and Lira.
What advice would you give women so that they can go out of their comfort zones and start making moves in their lives and society?
Ladies, always remember you are ‘Shining stars brightly radiating beauty in your life” That’s the first line of my current single “Specialty”.
We have all been wonderfully created by God and are blessed with unique talents. Just need to be confident with the gift and use it to the best of your ability with God’s guidance.
You can listen to TolumiDE’s music via
Amazon  and CDbaby
Twitter (@tolumide) and Facebook (tolumideonline).
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