Celebrating Women of African Descent


It is important to support The Black Girls Rock Movement because it teaches our young girls of the African American culture and descent to embrace who they are, embrace the way God has created them to be. This movement also reinforces the idea of how beautiful black women are from the physical makeup of our bodies to the spiritually as well as intellectual attributes.

There are many African American women that inspire me from Maya Angelou, Lena Horne, and Mary J Blige but one distinct woman that has constantly inpired me is my mother Annie Bowden and my beautiful daughter Saraia, who she inspires me everyday.

From the sway of our hair

From the voluptuous curves we wear

Men stare
from our ripping the runaway
Fashionista affair
We flair beauty, boldness and confidence
From loving the skin we are in
To being the business woman
Mother and leader
We are incredible
Did I mention Phenomenal
One of a kind
Unique from many shades
We reap
We are beautiful, strong and poise
We rock it well, we rock it swell
From young to old we rock it bold
We are QUEENS,
Cleopatra in disguise
We are Blaque Girls & We Rock!!

 By Stylicia Bowden

One word describes this poet and author….Determination! Stylicia is determine to inspire and uplift the masses with her voice as she articulates her passion through poetry.
Ms. Stylicia Bowden is a native of Detroit, Michigan but now resides in Charleston, SC.

She has self-published four books:
The Princess Within: The Soul Of A Woman
All About Him: The Experience
The Writer’s Block: The Sound Of The Spoken Word

She has freelance written for three magazines, Divine Inspirations Magazine, Spoken Vizions and S.I.S.T.A.H Talk Magazine. She has appeared on local television and radio in Charleston, SC, Detroit, Michigan and has been interviewed by numerous internet radio shows. Ms. Bowden has also performed poetry throughout the southeastern region from Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and more. She has completed two spoken word CD’s entitled The Sound Of The Spoken Word on March 6th, 2010 and The Anthology Of My Soul which was released on August 1st, 2011. Her fifth self published book, “The Anthology Of My Soul” will be coming out in 2012.

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