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Extraordinary Cakes by Kay

Kadrian ‘Kay’ Matthews is the owner of Extraordinary Cakes by Aunties Place. Kay has always been one to take care of everybody and that is how she got the name ‘Auntie’.

“If people don’t call me Kay they Call me “Auntie” I love people I love being a part of what makes a person happy And if I can brighten up someone’s day in any way I’m going to do it.” She says.

Patricia: When did you interest in baking cakes begin?

Kay:  I have loved to bake since I was 3 years old I went through 5 Easy Bake Ovens growing up Baking and decorating has always been my passion.

Patricia:  Is it in the family? 

Kay: My grandma baked a lot. I would like to say  inspiration came from her.

Patricia: Tell us about your business?

Kay:  I have been Baking and Designing cakes for over 10 years. I make custom cakes for any occasion. The cake business is the for runner for what I inspire to do, which is to open a Daycare in 2012 it will be called Aunties Place, that is why it is a part of the cake business name. I’m a community based business I love to give and motivate others to want to own their own businesses. My Motto is to “Always Be A Step Above the Rest” I  truly love what I do.


Patricia: What are 3 adjectives that Extraordinary Cakes by Kay?

Kay: Three adjectives to describe my business are: Creative, Extraordinary, Powerful

Patricia:  What kind of cakes do you specialize in?

Kay: I specialize in Custom Cakes. These are the cakes that I have cut carve and decorate and times they can be done in 3 hours but sometimes these cakes require 1 to 2 days. Specialty Desserts; these I design and create in different glasses and containers; they are a reflection of my creative side.

Patricia: What is the best part of your job?

Kay: The best part of my job is making my customer’s happy. I love the look of happiness and I enjoy being a part of the process.

Patricia:  Apart from the orders you get with specifics from clients, when you bake a cake for fun, what inspires you?

Kay: When I bake a cake for fun what usually inspires me is the person I’m doing it for, I always have someone in mind to give the cake to so it will definitely be personalized.

Patricia: Is there a popular kind of cake or flavor with your clients?

Kay:  My most popular flavor with my customer’s is my French Vanilla and any of my liquor infused cakes.

Patricia: How long do you take to bake a cake from start to finish?

Kay: It takes me anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour and half to bake a cake start to finish.

Patricia:  What kind of cake do you love yourself?

Kay:  Strawberry cake It is my favorite.

Find out more about Extraordinary Cakes by Kay through their Facebook page and Website.

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