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Fashion Tips for December


They say that the most appealing clothe a woman can wear is her Confidence. The holiday season is here and this time round when dressing, remember to pack a suit of confidence.

Fashion Tips for This  December

1. Wear more colour. Colour makes you look younger and vibrant.

2. Belt it, clinch it at the waist; it gives you a figure and transforms your outfit.

3. Don’t shy away from jewellery; they have the advantage of making your outfit pop.

4. Invest in a signature scent to keep you feeling fresh all day.

5. Aim for timeless classics; trends that do not run out of style, invest in a Little black Dress. Black knee length skirt- preferably pencil skirt. White button down shirt, make sure it’s versatile enough to be worn formally as well as casual.

6. Scarves in all colours, tie around your neck, drape them on your handbag, or even tie them around your waist adding a playful vibrancy.

7. You need a good pair of heels, and flat sandals to show off your perfect pedicure.

8. Treat yourself to a beauty regime exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise your face and body.

9. Don’t shy away from makeup, just don’t overdo it, look for undertones that match your complexion. You can determine your skin tone in two ways Silver jewellery goes well with cool skin while gold jewellery flatters warm skin. Arch those eyebrows they help define your facial features and it gives you an instant makeover.

10. Do something with your hair; every girl knows that changing your hairstyle is the only way to reinvent your look, cut it, braid it, and have fun with it.

Juliet is the owner of Zell’e Beauty Mart, that offers a wide range of beauty products and fashion accessories, especially handmade jewellery from various designers.Zell’e Beauty Mart is located on the 2nd floor of Pramukh plaza along Munyu road in Kenya
visit our facebook page: Zell’e Beauty Mart for more tips and to see what we have in store.
we can be reached on email @ [email protected].

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  1. Comment you guys are dwope lets do it go go go!

  2. I find this more informing didnt know what to wear for this season especially when it comes to colours. I think l will try some of the things you have mentioned l see how it will turn out for me. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Congratulations Juliet i will make sure to try out this tips. Kudos

  4. loving the article…….cant wait to visit your shop en get more fashion tips………..

  5. daemn….. thats my gal…. awesme article

  6. thats my blood right there keep it hun…all the best….

  7. Great tips. scarves are a must in every woman’s closet. They are good for every season

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