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Bleeding Heart Project

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, I would like to introduce you to Raijean Stroud is the editor of  Bleeding Heart Project.

Raijean started Bleeding Heart Project in 2009 after she was diagnosed with Heart Disease at the age of 28.  She has cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure and a dual defibrillator and the mission of her project is to educate others about the dangers of heart disease, especially in young people.

“As a young person dealing with heart disease I think we often forget to take care of our hearts… A lot of us think that it’s an older person disease, let me tell you it’s not.” she says.

Bleeding Heart Project whose mission statement is “We want to educate the world about Heart Disease, one heart at a time through awareness.”  had their official launch on 3rd Feb 2012.
Find out more about them through their website and Facebook Page
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