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Uniquely Niyia

Niyia Whitsett is a woman on a mission to improve the self-development of women & girls from the inside out by creating a better “You!” and that is why the image and style coach started Uniquely Niyia.

“I have simply decided to live the rest of her life fulfilling her God-given purpose.  The areas I impart in include spiritual growth, self-development, mind care and style.” Niyia says.

Read on and find out more about Niyia and her work as an image and style coach and  get some tips on how to create your own personal style.

How long have you been in this career and how did you get into styling?

I have over 7 years of experience that involves style; I was born to do work in this area.  I have a natural niche for color schemes, personal flare, while seeing missing details to create the most current look for the time and season.  I got into styling after having being asked privately by many women to assist in formulating a personal style of their own.  Beyond style consulting, I offer coaching responsive etiquette.

What qualifies me for the responsive etiquette is the amount of challenges that I have personally respond to and failing at it.  Our responses to life responding must be acceptable and pleasing both to God and any opposing party.  An amazing awareness shook my life not very long ago and since then I have change my posture inwardly not just concerning my attire.  In fact I developed a manual called “HIS Style” it is a mission for me and women all over the world to take on.  Becoming “HIS Style” changes everything.

What can you say are the most important skills one should have to succeed in your industry?  

The most important skills is readiness, willingness and being adaptable.  You cannot just say what you can do, you MUST acquire the skill and the rest falls in to place.  Your guest may have views of what you do before engaging, so giving clarity of what it is you offer to avoid illusion and gain agreement is also vital.

You want the guest to trust their choice of selecting you to get the task done, which leads to progression on both sides.  In this business developmental feedback can help build your work ethics.  Know your fabrics, colors and style choices.  Budget and be a risk taker.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    As an image and style coach, what services do you offer to your clients?

I have a host of services here are a few

UNDERSTANDING STYLE 101: an hour-long style class designed around your lifestyle & style choices. We provide a personal blueprint for you to build your best look.

CLOSET CONSTRUCTION: a 2-hour session in which we appraise your wardrobe & offer style modifications based on your blueprint

MAP OUT YOUR PASSION: a 3-hour session designed to identify major detours to your new look. This is a challenging session, as we will be assisting you in disposing of your style pitfalls.

CREATING WITH DIRECTION: This 4-8 hour shopping experience is unlike any other & requires a tailor-made budget (set within the first three sessions

ADD-ONs: This is a personal style service to help individuals spice up their current wardrobe without over-extending their budget.

Why is it important for every woman to have a personal style?

Every woman should have a personal style in and out because it is her rhythm as she dances through the highs and lows of life.

What are 5 ways according to you, can help any woman create their own unique personal style? 

5 ways to help create a style:

 #1 know that you are fashioned by God in HIS image (this involves knowing who you are)

#2 embrace the shape of your body.

 #3 know what colors enhance you.

 #4have a great selection of shoes

#5 stay open to change

Niyia L. Whitsett


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