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How to Change Your Mindset+ Live Your Most Fabulous Life

Dreamer. Lover of life. Goal getter, these are just a few words to describe author and entrepreneur Jamie Fleming-Dixon. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of For Colored Gurls, a personal development blog with the mission of inspiring and empowering women to live their most Fabulous lives. Additionally, Jamie is the owner of Mocha Writer, where she specializes in creating fabulous copy and content for women solopreneurs. She is also the author of the inspirational book How to Change Your Mindset +Live Your Most Fabulous Life.

Jamie talks to AfroElle about her new book, How to Change Your Mindset+ Live Your Most Fabulous Life and shares everything from purpose to how to live your most fabulous life.

What inspired you to write How to Change Your Mindset+ Live Your Most Fabulous Life?

I was inspired to write this book because at the time, I had been doing my blog, For Colored Gurls, for three years. With the blog, my goal is to help women live the lives they want and inspire and empower them to follow their dreams and goals. And since the motto of my blog is “Live your most Fabulous life,” I thought, ‘Why not write a book that outlines the steps to actually doing that?’ And the book was born!

The title comes from the motto of For Colored Gurls, which is “Live your most Fabulous life.” And I believe that the phrase means whatever you want it to mean; you have to define what your most fabulous life looks like for yourself, and take the necessary steps to living it.

Can you share a little more with us about what your book is about?

The book is an inspirational guide that helps the reader create and live the life they’ve always desired, starting right now. In it, I share a little of my personal story to let people know that I’ve been where they are and that I’ve taken the same steps. Some things the reader will learn are how to determine their purpose, how to get rid of limiting beliefs and how to set and achieve goals.

What is one lesson you learnt from writing your book?

One of the most important lessons I learned in this process is that when God gives you a vision, just do it, no matter how scary it may seem. One of the mottos I live by is “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” and that’s exactly what I had to do when writing this book. It was an intimidating task to undertake, but I knew it was something I was supposed to do, so I felt the fear, and did it anyway!

I love the part in your book (Chapt. 1 ) where you talk about finding your purpose, I know many people have found themselves on the journey of finding their purpose, what one thing can you tell someone who is trying to find their purpose?

I would tell them to really think about the things they love to do, pray about it and journal. It’s okay if it takes you a while to figure it out. It takes some people longer than others to find their purpose, so don’t give up! Just keep searching for it, and I promise, you will find it.

What is the main message you want people to take away from reading your book?

The main message I want people to take away is that having the life you want is possible. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it’s possible, no matter what your background is or what your current circumstances are. I also want them to feel inspired to take the necessary steps to live their most fabulous lives, starting at this very moment.

When you look back to the process of starting and finishing this book, is there anything you could have done differently?

One thing I would have done differently is not procrastinated. Because I was a little scared to write the book, it took me longer than it could have to finish. If I had just gone ahead, wrote and published it, it would have been out sooner.

What books have motivated you to live your most fabulous life?

Wow, there are so many, but to name of few: “Fabulosity: What It Is & How To Get It” by Kimora Lee Simmons, “Get Yours: How To Have Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of and More” by Amy Dubois Barnett and “Do You!: 12Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success” by Russell Simmons.

Do you have another book in the works?

I do! My next book is called “The Black Girl’s Guide to Life as a 20-something,” and it will be released this summer. It’s a self-help book for black women going through their 20s, which can be a very trying time for a lot of people.

Any parting message for our readers?

Define what living your most fabulous means to you, then get on the path to  living that life. Don’t let other people discourage you and convince you to live a life of mediocrity. Think big, dream big, and create the life you want and deserve!




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