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2nd Anniversary Issue

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Two years ago I emailed two of my friends sharing with them an idea I had of starting an online community for women.  Two. Years. Time definitely has wings. This issue marks AfroElle’s 2nd anniversary. We’ve come a long way, from the time when AfroElle was just a blog called The Ladies Room to what it is now; a global online magazine on a mission to empower, encourage and elevate women of Africa descent.  Starting out I didn’t have much expectation; ok, maybe just a little but did I think that idea would one day turn into  something bigger; no ma’am.

Everything has been gradual, a learning curve, a work in progress. As the editor, there have been many stressful moments putting together issue after issue, but the mission behind this magazine and the passion I have deep inside me to create something great, has kept me going. Every time I see the finished product, it takes me back to the late nights spent editing and proof reading articles or the extremely early mornings trying to keep awake will studying layouts, it’s takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice but at the end of the day it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Over the past two years, AfroElle has featured inspiring women who have shared their lives and experiences- from their struggles, achievements and their passion to make a difference in society, and in turn we’ve learned invaluable lessons. I’ve been encouraged and motivated by these women to succeed, to reach out and support others in their endeavors.  AfroElle has allowed, not just me, but all of us to connect with women from across the globe creating a sense of sisterhood in the process. I’m grateful for it all.

Many thanks to our volunteers who give their time and talents to further our mission. To everyone who sends an email to offer words of encouragement , to let us know that a story we wrote changed their life or to simply advice us on what we can do better, thank you. To our readers, without you, we would not exist, thank you for taking the time to read us.

Reflecting back on where we’ve come from makes me look forward to where we are going and so this note would be incomplete without a toast. *Raises glass.* Here’s to growth. To endless possibilities. Here’s to many more successful years ahead. This is just the beginning and no matter what new things we try, changes we incorporate or places we move to, we will always remain true to our mission; celebrating women of African descent.

Onwards and Upwards!

Patricia Miswa


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