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If there’s someone who loves new beginnings, it’s me. That’s because I’m a believer in second, third, fifth and 365 chances that comes with a new day. While most people wait for a New Year to turn a new leaf, I see a each day as an opportunity to start over and reinvent myself, an absolutely blank page with which I can decide to do things differently, write new dreams, right yesterday’s wrongs and achieve just about anything I purpose to.

We are already three months into the year, some still feel the year is brand new , while others may have had a rough start, gone back to old habits and are not where they hoped to be.

But that can change because every new day is a blessing from God ; every sunrise is His way of saying, ‘you probably didn’t achieve what you wanted yesterday, you probably shoulda-coulda-woulda done this or that, but it’s not too late, here is a new day, TAKE TWO.’

Isn’t that beautiful? The day I started viewing each day like the first day of the rest of my life, is the day I started facing my days with renewed optimism that I have the power to REFRESH my life and create my own new beginnings. You can refresh your life too. Are there things about your situation that you want to change? Are there dreams you want to pursue? Go for it! You don’t have to wait for tomorrow, start right now.

Our Refresh Issue is a reflection of fresh starts. We tried to squeeze in all our inspirations from the past few months into this issue, from great informative articles to inspirational interviews touching on self help, technology, business, fashion, and travel. In our special feature; we interview 12 women making moves and music sharing the stories of their musical journeys.

This issue is a labor of love, I’d like to thank every one who worked tirelessly to put it together. I’d also like to thank  you, our readers for supporting our vision issue after issue. I hope you enjoy reading every page and when you are done, share our magazine with other women and men in your life, join us on Facebook and Twitter (if you haven’t already) and email us your feedback  to let us know how we are doing so far.

Until next time I leave you with the words of  Jonathan Lockwood Huie, “Let everyday be the first day of the rest of your life, but especially let today be a new beginning”

Peace , Love & New Beginnings !

Patricia Miswa



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