Photo by Hannah Saleh

Marian Kwei was the UK Editor of French fashion magazine Dirty Glam and got to work with some interesting celebrities for both the cover and some wonderful models for editorial. She’s styled for some amazing red-carpet moments and had clients in best dressed list.

Why did you choose to be a stylist?

I chose to be stylist as I was born to be one and couldn’t envision doing anything else. As a teenager I pored over magazines. I took in all the tiny details, the nuances, the glamour.

I am also innately drawn to putting things together. I’m constantly styling people I see on the street and envision in them in the outfits I think they should be wearing. I’m a stylist because I have a desire to put looks together, helping people find their style, dressing for the red carpet, branding celebrities and interpreting designs by fashion designers.

Where do you draw your styling inspiration from?

That is a wonderful question. Everywhere! From people watching, films, travel, culture, architecture, books, music, fashion history, people! 

 How can we style ourselves better?

Invest in wardrobe staples which make the bones of a closet. For example, the perfect white shirt, the little black dress, the right trench coat. You should also invest in figuring what your personal style is; what your interests and lifestyles are like, what colors you are drawn to, what eras inspire you etc…

Take chances, try a plum instead of a purple, instead of your usual pink try a coral. Also remember fashion is what we buy but style is what we do with it.

For those who would like to become stylists, get as much experience as possible. To shadow other stylists, intern and build as much PR contacts as possible. Don’t be afraid to start from the beginning, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 What are your future plans?

To set up a mentorship to mentor young women because as a popular quote says creativity takes courage. To launch a clothing line, a natural progression from my styling.

Would you like us to know anything else about you?

That I write a blog, I consult to brands and I am most inspired by people. All  I do is done with the aim of helping people be their best self, beauty and fashion wise. I can be reached at @marian_kwei on instagram, my blog is