Editor’s Note; In Brief

“Time passes. Life happens.
Distance separates. Children grow up. Marriages fail. Love waxes and wanes.
Hearts break. Careers end. Jobs come and go. Parents die. Colleagues forget
favors. Men don’t call when they say they will… But girlfriends are there.
They are not only your friends, but your sisters, your daughters,
and other
relatives too. You’ll need other women. Women always do.”
Every woman needs girlfriends, Zoe knows this and gets to share with you why she loves her girlfriends in our new feature ‘Ladies Talk’ and in the ‘Ladies Journal’, freelance writer and blogger Jamie Fleming explores the question , ‘Are women their own enemies‘ in her article ‘Women and Friendships.’
This week’s Round Table Discussions we hear what the men think about ‘our girlfriends’ and the influnce they have in relationships.You will also enjoy our new ‘Phenomenal Woman’ featuring FEZ; a Ugandan fashionista ready to take the Uganda fashion industry by storm.
Our featured couple in our ‘Love & Relationships’ category both documented their First 100 days of their marriage in separate blogs, we talk to Mrs. Nichols about her marriage.
Next week time we talk about long distance relationships, have something to say, email us at
The Ladies Room; a place of release and comfort, of hearty conversations and open arms

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