Featured Couple; Njesh & Peter Kaberere

Crossing Paths
Peter Kaberere (Kabbz) and Njesh Kahura initially met at a music concert in Mombasa. Kabbz was on tour with a musical group and he casually bumped into Njesh. That was in 2005,the two were to meet again, but two years later.

Many coffee dates later, they got to know each other and in that time of dating had to deal with a six months separation while Kabbz went on an international music tour. Kabbz refers to the six month separation as ‘the hardest season of our love’ but says ‘when the heart wills nothing is impossible.’

On June 5th, 2009, Kabbz finally popped the big question. Referring it to the happiest moment in her life Njesh said, ‘Yeeees’. The rest they say, is history.
We talk to Njesh about their love story and marriage.

With This Ring

The couple tied the knot on October 31st 2009 at a glamorous wedding ceremony at Rosebowl in Kitisuri. The theme colour was peach and chocolate brown with black decor.

match made in heaven

Something New

Marriage has changed me psychologically; it has opened my mind to new ideas and challenges in life. I can confidently say that it’s the best thing after salvation. Responsibilities are there and it is up to you to know how to handle them. In a way a wife is like the ‘MAN’ of the house.

The One I was Made For
I had dated before but Kabbz was very different, I had inner peace and love. I had prayed for qualities in a man which I found in my husband, though I noticed them later on as we dated.

Having been hurt before and I didn’t want anything to do with men but God has a way of surprising us. He blessed me indeed. Kabbz is loving, handsome, caring, honest, giving and funny, an absolute gentleman and my best friend; he is more than I wanted, more than words can describe.

Isn’t She Lovely

While she walked down the aisle, Kabbz sang ‘Muthenya’ (One Day) meaning ‘ I have waited for this day to see you walk down the aisle, to take your hand and hear you say ‘I do’.

Everlasting Love
The fear of God brings love to a relationship. If you know how to love God you will also know how to love your spouse no matter the situation.

The passion you had in your relationship must continue in the marriage and it takes both of you to make it happen. Have fun together, go out, share responsibilities together, support and encourage each other, pray together, keep the surprises coming and help each other to grow.

And as you keep the spark, you have to keep it together to; keep fit, look good, don’t slack or let yourself go. The same effort you put while dating should also be maintained or nurtured during marriage.

precious moments with the best couple

Sisterly love; the brides maid gowns were all different to suite each person’s preference and personality.

Rolling with the boys; the men wore linen pants with brown striped shirts with brown sashes

In Good Times and In Bad
When it comes to marriage you have to realize that you are dealing with two people from different upbringing trying to be ‘one’. So it’s advisable to practice understanding, forgiveness, humility and selflessness towards each other by seeking God’s direction in all areas of your marriage because.

..And Two shall become One

Pre-marital counseling is very important. It opens your minds and in most cases find out things about each other that you didn’t know. You learn how to handle each other’s differences and appreciate the fact that you come from diffrenet upbringings. It encourages the strength of your marriage before it happens and it prepares you for the challenges and conflicts that may occur in the future.

In Jesus Name
What A Girl Wants

At the end of the day, Mr. Right lies in the hands of God; He predestined you before you were born. There is someone out there for you. Trust in God, tell him what you want and leave it to Him to sort you out. Remain faithful to God and be patient, He will give you what is yours.

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