IMG_2519‘it all stared with as simple idea natural looking makeup that is kind to the skin’

Her Beauty Cosmetics was founded in 2014 by Maria Dougan Oyono. As a lover and  make- up enthusiasts, she began to researching the make up industry and what products are available that are organic  and affordable for women of color.  So within the year she began working closely with her manufacture to create her ideas of a make up ranges that are chemical free. Finally after  a year of hard work and dedication her passion for beauty was coming together. Her Beauty Cosmetics prides itself in offering high quality, chemically free make up with  for women of color with very high standards of pigments and ingredients.

All our make up range is free of

  1. Paraben
  2. Hypo- Allergic
  3. Allegry Tested
  4. Non – Comedogenic
  5. Fragrance Free
  6. Not Tested on Animals

Her Beauty Cosmetics prides itself in creating make up that will encourage and build the self esteem of each and every woman. They live by the motto ‘Wear with Confidence’ .

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