IMG_0001Meet Dami Olawaiye-Adewole – CEO, L.O.G Cosmetics (Helping Women of Colour find a healthy way of Beauty).

“In my case, I appear to have used business ownership differently, more as a trade-off between my endometriosis condition (a condition that affects a woman’s reproductive organs. It happens when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it) and other areas of my life.

For many years I had been suffering with this pain that just didn’t have a name at the time and so after going through several surgeries, I was then diagnosed with the condition. In my mind I felt that at least I finally had an explanation for the condition and probably managing it would give me somewhat of a normal life (far from it). I remember being asked to leave a particular job role I was very passionate about due to this condition. There was/is still no cure for endometriosis, but for me that was the point where I had had enough! I sought to build that on that passion, to turn the impossibility to possibility and this is what inspired L.O.G Cosmetics.

For most people, it can become difficult to separate your individual identity from the business or start up you create and I’m no exception. However, what I have done is to connect my personal ordeal (due to pain, employers not being able to accommodate unplanned time off request) with my passion for beauty and health conscious cosmetics.


As a makeup artist and certified organic skin care formulator, I began to infuse natural oils, butters and fruit extracts to create products that nourish the skin. So over the years we have seen our ideas, creativity and passion for beauty come together. Our company prides itself in offering high quality natural cosmetics for all women. We strive to ensure that our cosmetic products are made with safe ingredients.

Our makeup range are non-comedogenic (which means they will not clog your pores) and consist of Eyeshadow pigments, Lipsticks, Mineral Powders, Foundation, Bronzers and Blushers. We also offer a range of hair care products that are sulphate free and helps to ensure a healthy hair growth. Because of our love for colours, we’ve created 12 gorgeous nail enamels which are of superb quality and are 5 free (this means they are free from toluene, formaldehyde Resin, DBP (Diabutyl Phthalate) and Camphor).

At L.O.G Cosmetics our strategy for success is in our culture – We call it “A cosmetic religion”. It is more than just looking good – it is about building a community of beauty lovers that want to be part of a brand that is personally rewarding. i.e Our “Host A L.O.G Makeup Party” Scheme. Interested? Simply send us and email for more information.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the values of elegance, grace, inner beauty and, self-esteem as we believe very woman should be free to express these qualities and with lots of glamour.

Our new “Light in the Heart Collection” has been created and named with an inspirational undertone. We certainly hope that you get inspired knowing “what a pretty soul” you are.

You can shop our collections on our website-

At the Atbar London Shop- Walm Lane, Willesden Green London NW2 5HT

All our products are paraben free, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

Finally, there is a slogan that I live by ‘Passion over Pain’ – Take a Stand. Follow us on the journey to discover more health conscious ingredients in beauty. Thanks to all our partners and project management staff who strive daily to keep the show on the road”.