Nubianjet BeautyNubianjet beauty is not just about the products but about building an online community that will help, advice and share with each other. They have created a social retail platform that can be linked to any of the social platforms you currently use to share your thoughts and views.

So you will not only share but discover something new, fresh and vibrant. You don’t need to come to our site to discover, just pop over to their Facebook page and shop directly.

“As we believe in the power of the consumer (our tribe), we want your feedback, so if you are looking for a product you can’t find let us know and we will track it down for you. We are a beauty retailer owned by you for you.” says the founder Lorraine Emmanuel. “So yes, our dream is of a world where the only issue women of colour have with cosmetic, hair care and skincare products is which one to try next. But it is also to know that every women of colour feel that those who they purchase from understand them because they are a women of colour as well. Come with us now and discover a new way of shopping for beauty.”

Nubianjet Beauty is an online beauty retailer specialising in products for women of colour of all shades who are dedicated to providing the very best in makeup, hair care and skincare for women of colour. They believe every women should own their own beauty.