Dr. Gameli Dekayie and Dr. Chantale Stephens-Archer believe the intersection of mind, body, and soul is where we live the best versions of ourselves.

At Quench Wellness, they offer intravenous vitamins, hormone optimization and vaginal laser therapy, that revitalize and restore clients, allowing them to live boldly.

Why the name Quench?

The name Quench, literally came from the concept of “quenching our clients thirst”.  We encourage our clients to live the best version of themselves by quenching depleted vitamins and nutrients lost in our day to day hectic lives.

In the process of quenching the body of depleted vitamins and nutrients, we are able to detoxify the body, restore beautiful skin, enhance performance optimization, reduce recovery times, aid in weight loss and boost energy.

Quench Wellness developed from our experiences as physicians, working every day with chronically ill patients feeling as if we were pushing pills and adjusting doses to no avail. We frequently found ourselves asking ourselves, when faced with a very chronically sick patient,  “What if I met this patient 10 years early? What preventative measures could have been taken such that we would not be in the position we are in now?”

What preventative medical advice can Afroelle readers take to avoid such illnesses?

Taking the decision to get healthier can seem overwhelming and daunting, just start with one thing, get good with that, then add on.

Not drinking enough water? Okay, get a water bottle and try to fill it out twice a day and then three and so on. Got the water down, try swapping out full fat items for lower fat alternatives. Okay, now walk around the block a couple times when you get home. Then build up to getting a gym membership or trainer.

Start writing down your goals, then slowly start to accomplish them. Feeling like your mental health is taking a hit, start by saying no to noncrucial commitments and spend some time with yourself.

These are all small steps but when you add them up, you get a lifestyle, and a lifestyle is much easier to maintain and succeed at than drastic measures.

Have you experienced any challenges in managing the business?  

Yes, lots! What we are bringing to Chicago is new and innovative so we find we have to do a lot of education as to why our population needs these services.  Luckily, we love to teach!

What’s your plan for the future?

We’ve done so much with Quench Wellness and our other companies so we feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to educate and empower our populations. After Quench? We’re not sure yet, but the sky’s the limit for us!