Ashley Monique is the Founder and CEO of C.H.A.N.G.E. Nonprofit Organization and Ashley Monique, LLC.

She is passionate about community work and helping others grow holistically. She is also one of the radio hosts of The G-Spot Show on Power 108.9 Atlanta.

Ashley has written her first book “Reconnecting My Brokenness: Tips To Renew Your Mind”This is the first book of a four-book series. This edition is a 3-month devotional. The next edition, which will be coming up in the next few months, will be a 6-month devotional.

She talks to Afroelle about the book

Readers can expect several things

At the beginning of the book, I reveal intimate details of things that occurred in my life. The remainder of the book provides encouragement along with scriptures to connect with the daily inspirations.

In addition, this book is a journal. I’m challenging readers to read the book and channel their minds by journaling. Journaling forces the readers to think and address some negative situations that they have experienced.

I decided to write about brokenness because I have experienced much of it in my life

At different points in my life, I lived through different stages of brokenness.

I experienced depression, a cancer scare, domestic violence, suicidal ideations, low self-esteem, divorce, mistreatment, molestation, abduction, being broke, unloved, used, cheated and hurt.

All of these situations and feelings contributed to the shattering of my broken pieces. I healed through faith-based initiatives and tself help methods. I am really strong in my faith in God and he gets ALL of the glory for me making it through this healing process.

The information that I provide in the book can assist a broken person in pressing through the negativity and coming out victorious on the other side.

There seems to be a lot of broken people in the world

When certain things happen, people slowly start to fall apart. Your mental capability to withstand trauma determines the level of brokenness you experience.

If a person’s mind is strong, then they will be able to grieve and push forward. However, if someone has a weak mindset, additional issues arise. Some of those factors being depression, anxiety, suicide and drug abuse.

There are several things broken people can do to heal

They can seek professional help through a doctor, counselor, therapist, social worker or mental health worker.They can seek help through faith-based options such as a pastor, minister, evangelist or prophet.

Also, an individual experiencing brokenness can use self-help methods. This includes joining self-help groups, meditating, reading, yoga, exercising and journaling.

The method of healing used will be solely dependent upon the person and what’s needed for their specific situation.


Ashley has written her first book

The  book can be purchased through online sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, West Bow Press, eBay, IBooks and Pinterest