A vegan skincare and cosmetics line for “Fierce Women” with active lifestyles.

As a lifestyle expert who touted the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Trenese “TD” Hicks wanted to use a similar approach in the creation of her cosmetics line.

She talks to Afroelle about the unique product, process of opening the business and advice to someone who is just getting started. 

How does your product differ from other cosmetics?

Our products are both vegan and cruelty-free, in that we do not test on animals. We are, however, concerned about harsh ingredients and chemicals that could be absorbed in the skin and create abnormalities.

Finally, we seek to instill a sense of pride in women as I believe beauty starts from the inside and radiates outward.

The products are vegan and cruelty-free. photo/courtesy

Please share with us your experience when opening the company?

I, like many new brand owners, was focused on quality and creating a brand that women could easily relate to. The goal is to create products that are vegan and look amazing on a broad range of skin tones for women 35+ and to continually emphasize the importance of good health.

Since the launch, I’ve met so many women who love the brand and can relate to our story as an all-inclusive beauty brand for women on the go yet still desire to look stunningly beautiful.

What would you like to tell someone who would like to start a business?

Believe in yourself, your ideas and do not be afraid of failure or be controlled by the opinions of others. Fear can be used as fuel if we channel those thoughts correctly.

Also, find a team of like-minded individuals, who know you and your business to help perpetuate its growth. Be very clear in your brand messaging, know your target audience and give yourself time to course-correct if needed. Finally, carve out time just for you. Balance is key.

What else would you like us to know about you?

Tuchéir Cosmetics was created to empower women to embrace “their own” unique beauty and individualism. I love seeing the looks on my customer’s faces after they apply the products.

As women, we so often put ourselves down or have a skewed perception of our outward appearance. This is partly due to social media and the celebrity crazed culture we live in today. As a brand owner, I encourage women to play with makeup without allowing it to define who they are as they create a life of balance and purpose.