Lucy Fye and her daughters– Anna, YaAdam and Jainaba Fye are from the African countries of Tanzania and Gambia. They are the authors of the children’s book Princess Halima and the Kingdom of Affia.  Led by their mother Lucy Fye, a two time Harvard University graduate and World Bank Economist, it’s no surprise that her daughters are following in her footsteps.


This dynamic mother and daughter team is incredibly creative and passionate. There is no question that this high-powered and accomplished group of women, was able to have a meeting of minds and author a majestic children’s book that is geared to a population of young girls of color, that are often underrepresented.  The Princess Halima project was inspired by the birth of the first baby (grandchild) in the family, Halima Bah. Halima is of Guinean, Gambian, Tanzanian descent. –  With such a rich combination of African culture and history, they thought the best way to educate Halima about her many homelands was to start the series of books through which she will get to not only discover her heritage, but also learn about the African continent as a whole.

Picture32The Adventures of Princess Halima is a series of tales that will excite, amaze and educate the reader about the different countries in Africa while unlocking the wonders, mysteries and secrets of each nation through Princess Halima’s adventures. Princess Halima and the Kingdom of Affia is a riveting tale that invites young readers to follow Princess Halima as she discovers the dark secrets hidden in the enchanted valley that divides the rivaling kingdoms of Affia and Sahelia in ancient Western Africa.

Since publishing the book, The Fyes have received an overwhelming response from the African diaspora in the US, England, Germany as well as Sweden. They have also received huge support from their local communities. “We feel encouraged to keep on writing the Princess Halima Series and continue to expose young readers to the many beautiful and eclectic cultures, landscapes and beauty of the African continent.”

“We want to bring Africa to the forefront and educate our readers that Africa is a continent full of rich history, and not the misconceived idea that Africa is a country.  We want our readers to find an escape into Africa’s vast richness and history while following Princess Halima in all her adventures.  And most importantly, we want to empower young minds with knowledge that will peak their interest to one-day jump on a plane and make the journey to Ghana, or Nigeria or any country in Africa!”


Their next book  will be out December 2016 and Princess Halima will be visiting the beautiful country of Tanzania.

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