Founded in 2014 and based in Paris, Nubiance is dedicated to the development and distribution of dermo-cosmetic products developed from the most recent scientific discoveries, at competitive prices.

Specialized and focused on “Nubian skin” (Matte, mixed and black skins), our skincare products particularly target related-skin problems such as pigmentation spots and blemishes of acne-prone skin. Nubiance products make no compromise between performance, safety, quality, and accessibility to the consumer.

Nubiance products are entirely designed and manufactured in France. Our strategy is centered on innovation. We control the entire development chain of our products, from formulation to production, and have our own clinical studies carried out by independent experts in France and Africa.


  1. AfroElle : How was the brand born?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique: Nubiance was born in 2014 from a meeting between a plastic surgeon, a scientist specialized in dermo-cosmetics and a lover of Africa. They created a 100% made in France range that perfectly answers the problems of the imperfection of the epidermis.

These 3 collaborators started from the premise that no brand offered dermo-cosmetic products specially adapted to Nubian skins.

Consumers then had the choice between cheap but often very poorly formulated products (hydroquinone, mercurial derivatives, etc.…), and products that were too expensive and not adapted to the specificities of black and mixed skins.

The challenge was then to propose a range of well-formulated products, adapted to Nubian skins and affordable in terms of price.

We had our first successes in Africa (Ivory Coast, Gabon, Senegal, Morocco…) thanks in particular to the many dermatologists who prescribed our products.

In Africa, voluntary depigmentation is a real scourge, and dermatologists were lacking solutions to counter this phenomenon which has become a vast public health problem.

Building on the success we have had in Africa, we created the Nubiance website in 2017 to offer our products in France and Europe.

  1. AfroElle : What about the formulation of your products? How many ranges do you offer?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : We formulate all our products with ingredients selected for their performance and safety. They particularly target hyperpigmentation problems (spots, melasma, pregnancy mask…) and acne.

As an example, we were one of the first to believe in the virtues of Bakuchiol on acne (Bakuchiol is an ingredient of plant origin with antioxidant properties, which reduces pigmentation spots caused by the sun and soothes the skin).

In 2018, we included this ingredient in our “ACT-5” cream and it is now one of our best sellers.

Bakuchiol is making a huge “buzz” in the “skincare” industry today. It is a very interesting molecule because it has the advantages of retinol (anti-aging active ingredient), without having its drawbacks (photosensitivity, irritation, redness, dryness, swelling …).

Our products are made in France, and all our formulas are subject to extensive clinical tests, conducted by independent laboratories.

We currently have 8 products in our portfolio and we are working on 5 new products that will be released in 2021.

  1. Afroelle : What is this particularity of Nubiance, which will differentiate you from others?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : We differ on several points, but our main difference is our innovation in the choice of our formulas and ingredients. We offer innovative products with high added value, intended for consumers who are constantly looking for effective solutions to their skin problems.

We respond to specific skin problems (pigmentation spots, acne, melasma…) and our customers appreciate our products for that.

  1. Afroelle: What routine do you propose to treat and prevent the appearance of acne pimples and blemishes?

Nubiance Dermocosmétique: The Cleanactyl cleansing gel, our Micellar water and our best seller, Atc-5.

These are 3 complimentary treatments that act on the causes and consequences of acne. Of course, this routine includes our best-seller acne product, ACT-5, which we mentioned earlier. It is very successful in both teenagers and adults, and in both men and women.

  1. Afroelle : On average, how long does it take to see results in getting rid of blemishes?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : Our clinical studies – conducted on 40 volunteers – showed visible results after 28 days of use.

Our ACT-5 cream shows results after 8 days of application. Whether for blemishes or acne, we always recommend a treatment duration of at least 1 to 2 months before visible results can be observed.  Always tell yourself that a product that promises results in 1 or 2 days is either dangerous, toxic, or misleading!

  1. Afroelle : What is the link between acne and blemishes? Why is it that in some women one pimple will cause more spots than another?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique: On a dark skin, an acne pimple causes a defense reaction of the skin, translated by an overproduction of melanin that causes a spot. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  1. Afroelle : Nubiance has the particularity to integrate its conception up to the level of the active principle. Can you tell us more about it? 

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : Indeed, we have an exclusive partnership with our active ingredient supplier, which allows us to benefit from the latest technological innovations.

The active ingredients that we select from our supplier are used in many other products of more important brands, notably bakuchiol, which is really on the rise at the moment.

  1. Afroelle : How would you define a good product?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : At Nubiance, a good product must combine 4 qualities:

  • Performance : a product must deliver results.
  • Safety : the absence of side effects must be guaranteed. We are very vigilant on the toxicological aspects and on the cosmetovigilance of each ingredient we put in our products.
  • Ethics: a good product must not distort the original and natural beauty of the skin.
  • Accessibility: beautiful skin must be accessible to all !

The best product at the best price !

  1. Afroelle : 3 Good reasons to buy Nubiance Dermocosmetics products for the holidays?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : The holiday season is an opportunity to get together with family and friends. We want to look our best and have beautiful skin, free of spots and acne.

Our “My Anti-Spot Ritual HRB-3” box set is a great gift idea to put under the tree ☺

We have promotions for the holidays! To take advantage of them, nothing could be easier, just create your customer account on Nubiance, we will send you deals regularly.

  1. Afroelle : Where to find Nubiance Dermocosmetics products?

Nubiance Dermocosmétique : On our website Nubiance.

All orders are shipped within 48 hours, and arrive at your home very quickly.

  1. Afroelle : A last word to our readers ?

Nubiance Dermocosmetique : Nubiance understands your skin problems ! We will be happy to advise you and guide you towards a suitable skin care routine.

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See you soon on Nubiance !