Starring Rita Balogun as Julia and Tapiwa Madovi as Lucas, ENCOUNTERS podcast is a rhythmic and fresh faith-based exploration of the realities facing women and men navigating love, life, and romance in their 20s.

Julia is smart, outspoken, driven and a Christian while Lucas is pensive and a famous premier league footballer. Julia takes a trip to New York where their worlds first collide. This podcast takes you on the twists and turns of their ensuing relationship.

Can Julia’s “Christian World”, and her faith merge with Lucas’ life of games and groupies?  Being celibate in your teens is different than your 20s and 30s, will Julia stay true to her beliefs? One thing is for sure, with each encounter; the chemistry gets more intense and the challenges more apparent. As their connection deepens, how far will she go?

ENCOUNTERS was created by Tobi Olujinmi, founder of the W TALK Network. Tobi is an itinerant preacher, New York Attorney turned writer, producer.  W TALK is a multiplatform entertainment Network, merging faith with entertainment. Their stand-alone entertainment app launched in December 2018 and is set to redefine faith-based content within media.

The series will premiere 1st  August 2019.

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