Recently nominated “Best Leading Actress” for her role as a high-powered attorney in the film “Pure Justice,” actress Lunden De’Leon is no newcomer to television and film.

Having starred in over fifty movies and television shows, De’Leon has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her list of credits includes the blockbuster comedy “We’re the Millers,” Bravo Television’s “True Fiction”, “Sweet Home Carolina,” “Somebody’s Child” and just recently, the thriller  “Payne” as well as the suspense chiller “Angels Prayer.”

De’Leon goes from playing a hard-boiled detective overseeing a team of officers and investigators in “Payne” to being the wife of a slain cop in the upcoming film “Angels Prayer,”a crime mystery about a police officer who goes through a traumatic experience when his partner is killed. In it, De’Leon plays the role of Patricia. “Payne” will be released worldwide in 2020.

We had an inspirational Q & A with her.

Is the character you play in ‘Pure Justice’ similar to who you are in any way?

There’s a scene in ‘Pure Justice’ where my character (Tracy) loses everything. She gets fired from her job, times are tough, but she never gives up. That describes who I am. I’ve been homeless, not sure where my next meal would come from, but I never gave up. 

Please describe one of the biggest obstacles in life and how you mastered it.

As mentioned, being homeless in LA was a huge obstacle. I slept on the beach before finally getting a voucher to stay in a homeless shelter in downtown LA. I was down but I refused to stay down. While at the shelter, I enrolled in acting classes at The Los Angeles Theater Academy.

While at the academy, I found a roommate who changed my life. She was a struggling actress and asked me to come with her to an audition. I went, auditioned and got the role. After that, I signed with an agent and went on to book a number of television and film roles.

My philosophy in life is to use my stumbling blocks as stepping stones. I’ve been told “no” so many times in this industry. I’ve been told that I wasn’t pretty enough or that I didn’t have enough talent.

However, I wasn’t going to let someone else’s opinion of me get in the way of my purpose. After traveling 3,000 miles away from home, broke and hungry… I would have been a fool to give up just because someone said I was ugly.

Are you working on improving anything about yourself?

I’m constantly improving myself mentally, emotionally, physically, financially but most importantly, spiritually. I’m working on a stronger relationship with God.

Would you like us to know anything else about you?

In addition to acting, I also mentor kids in my hometown of South Carolina. I’m blessed and believe in blessing others.
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Twitter: @2Lunden
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