Sasha Johnson is the author of “It’s a Losing Battle, but I won,” a book that documents experiences with suicidal thoughts, molestation, and physical abuse in hopes of inspiring and empowering women who have dealt with similar issues.

Sasha is also a licensed counselor who has impacted the community in Alabama and Georgia by providing counseling, advocacy and support.

Sasha shared her story with Afroelle Magazine.

When Sasha Johnson was pregnant with her second child and a mother to a six-month-old baby, her ex-husband took her car and disappeared for five days to one of his drug binges.

When he finally returned and she asked for her car keys, he flew into a rage. “Well, after giving me the keys, he said, ‘That’s why no one will want you, after having two kids by me.’”

After the emotional abuse, Sasha remembers saying that she did not care as long as her ex-husband did not touch her.

“He then tore the house up to the point that the police were called and we had to be removed from the house because he had made holes in the front door and knocked a door off its hinges,” recalls Sasha.

I remember crying for him like an idiot as the police were taking him away.

I remember how low I felt at this moment, but what I remember the most is a weird feeling of relief when I knew I didn’t have to go back.” Sasha says although she was so confused then, the incident made her stronger.

“The truth is I feel like we all lose over and over again in life, but the point is to win and gain strength and knowledge from every situation,” she says.  Sasha explains that she felt lost after being molested, abused, and feeling suicidal, but she won by not giving up.

Sasha is now a trained counselor and author

Sasha is not only a trained counselor and author of the self-help book “It’s a Losing Battle, But I Won,” she has also had to fight a lot of battles of her own, including suicidal thoughts and abuse.

Sasha has founded a social support organization named Sister’s Second Chance, which supports women by providing free counseling, food and financial assistance as mentorship for children.

“It’s a Losing Battle, But I Won,” is available for sale on Amazon.