Image636005800342420088Gideon’s Needle is a Bespoke lifestyle Brand. Behind the brand is a husband and wife team, whose roots were grown in Ghana, Africa, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Antigua West Indies. The brand specializes in Bespoke clothing designs, alterations, home furnishes and textiles. Their passion lies in bright, bold African prints and designs fusing traditional African textiles with Western fabrics to create quality bespoke pieces.

What really sets Gideon’s Needle apart?

We spend lot of time sourcing the best fabrics from various countries in Africa and throughout the world. We are conscious of using a real variation in our materials and we take a lot of care in making the garments as lovely on the inside as they are externally. We want to create inclusive and original fashion that really speaks to our clients without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves in knowing that our customers are 100% satisfied. Our brand is bigger than money. We are concerned with cultural awareness, longevity and building lasting relationships in our community.

What was the inspiration behind starting Gideon’s Needle and how has it been since you started your brand?

Our culture and heritage is the foundation for our brand. My mother and various family members continues to inspires me. Growing up sewing and fashion design was a family business and it still is. Also, the late Kofi Ansah, an award-winning Ghanaian fashion designer, who was a pioneer in promoting modern African styles and design on the international stage inspired me to bring awareness to our culture in the world of fashion.



What or who inspires you?

Our inspiration is our culture and the ability to express ourselves through clothing. This inspiration manifests itself in the form of vivid, eye-catching and contemporary designs that can be worn for any occasion. We’ve embraced the opportunity to bring our clients bright, bold designs that are affordable.

What do you love about the work you do and what can we look forward to?

We love satisfying our clients. We are concerned with cultural awareness and community partnerships. We are working on the philanthropic side of Gideon’s Needle. You can look forward to us cultivating the Gideon’s Needle Foundation which will support youth in Ghana, Africa as well as in our local community.

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