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Nubianjet Beauty is dedicated to providing the very best in makeup, hair care and skincare for women of colour in a market that frequently overlooks and under serves them. It’s an online beauty retailer specialising in brands and products for women of colour of all shades.
Note from our sponsors Nubianjet Beauty
We at Nubianjet Beauty believe that beauty, and the sense of power and self-ownership that comes with it, is the birth right of every woman. The ability to browse a huge range of goods to create or represent your own ideal self is one that should not be dependent on race, and it’s an ability we aim to give every woman of colour by tirelessly hunting for more brands to add to our already diverse range.We don’t aim to find the perfect products for you, because who you are is too complicated for us to do that. Our aim is to give you a space in which you can find those products for yourself. A space in which the control of your own beauty is respected, nourished and supported.We want to remove the stress women of colour can feel when shopping for cosmetics, offering you boundless possibilities and convenience alongside the knowledge that all our products were made with you in mind.Our dream is of a world where the only issue women of colour have with cosmetic, hair care and skincare products is which one to try next. Come with us now and discover the choices you never knew you had. []
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