Actor, singer, and dancer, Danielle Moné Truitt,  has always been heavy into the arts. The Saramento native  started off singing and then got into dance. She didn’t really get into acting until college. She took an acting class for fun and the professor of that class suggested that she be a Theatre major because she felt like Danielle had a knack for acting. She auditioned for a play and on opening night she decided to change her major and pursue acting.  Danielle, cites “Camae” from Katori Hall’s play THE MOUNTAINTOP, one of her favorite roles she has played so far. Danielle also sings worship at her church and has a live concert/ cabaret that she perform. She is also trying to delve more into writing.

But that’s not all, Danielle recently starred in the police drama TV series Rebel, portraying Rebecca ‘Rebel’ Knight, an Oakland police officer turned private investigator. The series revolves around Rebel leaving the police force after the death of her brother, slain by police officers.

Danielle talked to our writer and photographer, Amina Touray about her role and everything in between.


Danielle Mone Truitt, Bronze, Afroelle

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Amina Touray: You play “Rebel” in John Singleton’s new BET’s show. Now that this season is over and you look back at the experience. How has it all been ?

Danielle Moné Truitt: It’s been wonderful! I had such a lovely experience shooting the show. I absolutely love the character of Rebel. I love what our show stands for. I love what Rebel represents and all of my awesome cast mates. Also, this experience showed me that when you work hard and have faith that anything is possible. God will align you

with the right people to give you opportunities that you could never imagine. I am beyond thankful to Kim

Hardin who was the casting director for Rebel for taking a chance on a new face and putting me in front of John

Singleton who was convinced that I WAS Rebel. They opened a door for me and I will always be grateful for


Danielle Mone Truitt, Bronze, Afroelle

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AT: How would you describe Rebel’s character, and what similarities do you have to her ?

DMT: Rebel is a woman that is driven and resilient. She’s smart. She stands up for what is right and will not quit until she accomplishes whatever it is that she sets out to do. She doesn’t need approval from others. She knows

who she is. She is passionate and loves hard. She is also very guarded because of the hardships she has

endured and the loss she has experienced in her life. Rebel is the homegirl that everyone wants. I think we

have many things in common. I too love hard and am a very driven woman. Like Rebel, I am a person who

wants to help others.

AT: What was the most challenging and exciting aspect about playing Rebel?

DMT: The most exciting thing about playing Rebel was the fighting that I got to do. That was something I had never

done before up to that point. It was really empowering to play this woman who isn’t afraid of ANYTHING. Who

owns her femininity while letting these guys know who’s boss!

AT: What helped you channel your inner Rebel?

DMT: It wasn’t that hard. I come from a family of Rebels! I am the oldest so I have always had to know how to protect myself and hold my own. Although I am a sensitive person, I am not to be played with.

AT: How did playing Rebel influence your attitude towards law enforcement?

DMT: It hasn’t changed it much. I understand that there are good and bad cops, just like there are good and bad

people in the world. If anything it gave me a little more sympathy for those cops who are good and are trying to

make a difference. Also, it gave me more sympathy for African American cops that are torn between their duty

to the badge and their communities. There is a major problem in regards to law enforcement and the misuse of

police force in this country and I pray that some radical change takes place.

Danielle Mone Truitt, Bronze, Afroelle

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AT: Now that season 1 of Rebel is over. What are you currently working on?

DMT: I am currently working on producing a run of my play “3:Black Girl Blues” in 2018. I’m taking lots of meetings and auditioning a bunch. There is also a film that I will be in later on this summer.

AT: What else can we expect from you this year?

DMT: I plan to perform my cabaret/concert “OVERNIGHT SUCCESS” this year. I also have a couple speaking

engagements lined up for the fall.

AT: What impact do you wish to have on other girls/women, as a successful woman of color in Hollywood ?

DMT: If I could impact girls/women to do anything it would be for them to authentically be themselves. To embrace everything about themselves and to move through life empowered and fully convinced that they are enough!

Because they are. []




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