slide1Fulani is a luxury handbag brand which signature mark is a contemporary twist on a ceremonial and iconic traditional fabric from Senegal called Rabal.

Architect and Designer Suadou Barry is the founder and creative director of Fulani. She was born and raised in Senegal but now resides in the United States. She draws her inspiration in her childhood memories and in all her travels. In the design of this new collection, she preferred a simple silhouette with an elegant profile that showcases the richness of eclectic fabric she uses. Each handbag reflects a subtle aesthetic mix between Africa and the West, chic and avant-garde, designed for a diverse clientele.


Fulani’s philosophy is to offer a product of intuitive and accessible luxury. Each bag is a perfect everyday accessory, timeless elegance with a touch of eclectic sensitivity while remaining at the forefront of the latest trends in fashion.

Model: Katy Chimere Diaw, Miss Senegal 2010 and star of the Serie  “Un Cafe Avec” Photographed by Sidy Ba || Model: Aissata Diallo Photographed by Villainoire