Shop: Rock Paper Chic is a handmade jewelry business based in Brooklyn, NY.

Owner: Kamilah

Website: www.rockpaperchic.com

What is the overall meaning behind Rock Paper Chic?

Rock Paper Chic is a brand centered on celebrating oneself and being fearlessly you. “Never be afraid to Rock your Chic,” is the official “slogan” of the brand which essentially means that one should be who he or she is and wear their style proudly regardless of the views and perceptions of others.

What was the inspiration behind starting Rock Paper Chic and how has it been since you started your brand?

My inspiration started with the need for a distraction during a stressful time as well as my desire to try something new. Not being able to find the type of jewelry designs I wanted in stores also pushed me to try my hand at making them myself. Since officially starting the brand, things have been great; I have received a great deal of encouragement from family, friends, and strangers alike. Rock Paper Chic is still very new as an established brand though things are slowly but surely moving along and I am enjoying the journey as I learn from experiences and push myself to expand my craft.


What or who inspires you?

A good deal of my inspiration comes from the world around me. This includes color combinations and patterns I see when out and about as well as the work of other designers. I feel we all have something to learn from the people and things that surround us daily. I also find inspiration within myself as I push myself to continue forward fearlessly and think of new innovations in regards to my designs as well as the direction in which I’d like Rock Paper Chic to go.

What do you love about the work you do and what can we look forward to?

I love the sense of purpose I feel whenever creating a new piece and the overall sense of fulfillment and gratitude that comes with knowing that I am capable of expressing my creativity this way. I’ll sometimes look at a design and be amazed that I’d actually thought of it. The support system I’ve had during this journey has also been amazing. In terms of things to look forward to, Rock Paper Chic will be launching a unisex line this summer along with a children’s line later on this year.

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